Online Master of Science in Quality and Engineering Management

Tarleton State’s online Master of Science in Quality and Engineering Management (M.S.) degree emphasizes leadership ability to provide a pathway for students to expand their knowledge, gain marketable job skills, and advance into manufacturing administrative and management positions.

Given the widespread applicability of this master’s program curriculum, quality and engineering management students come from a wide variety of educational and professional backgrounds in technical or non-technical fields, including business, marketing, supply chain, project management, and even criminal justice.

Online Program Format

This degree is designed for working professionals with some experience in the manufacturing industry. The M.S. in Quality and Engineering Management degree is offered 100% online, bringing together the brightest graduate students from across the state of Texas and the country in a flexible and engaging learning environment. Designed to be completed in two years of study, this convenient format allows you to earn your master’s degree without compromising your time or employment.

Program Concentrations and Option for Thesis Track

Students can take classes in two areas of concentration—Project Management and Operations—then choose the thesis or non-thesis track based on a desire to participate in graduate-level research.

Students electing to pursue the thesis option identify a research project that the Graduate Office approves and then defend the thesis before an advisory committee of Tarleton faculty.

What is Quality and Engineering Management?

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Estimated Completion

30 credit hours (18+ months)

Application Process


Locations Available


The field of quality and engineering management focuses on an in-depth study of organizational, technical, and strategic tools commonly used in manufacturing to improve productivity. The application of these tools addresses quality and productivity issues to help manufacturers standardize procedures, measure performance, improve customer satisfaction, and manage resources more efficiently.

The knowledge and skills gained in the online Master of Science in Quality and Engineering Management degree can help you transition into the quality and engineering field, advance and take on more responsibility with your current employer, or move into new roles with higher salaries.

Careers in Quality and Engineering Management

Graduates of the quality and engineering master’s program are equipped with the manufacturing industry’s relevant and in-demand skills highly sought after. This includes quantitative methods and statistics, Six Sigma techniques, supply chain management, productivity measurement, financial risk management, and engineering cost analysis.

With this advanced skill set, you can work in a wide variety of manufacturing fields, such as oil, aerospace, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and HVAC. Given the advanced leadership preparation, you are qualified to step confidently into roles such as:

  • Operations Manager or Chief of Operations
  • Production Supervisor or Engineer
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Project Manager
  • Global Quality Director
  • Head of Business Excellence
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Manager
  • Product Development and Process Improvement
  • Vice President of Quality

How much does Quality and Engineering Management graduates make?

Reflecting the essential role Quality and Engineering Management graduates step into for their organizations, the average annual salary in the United States for an engineering manager ranges between $122,195 and $153,625.

What courses will you take in the Quality and Engineering Management master’s degree?

The online master’s program offers a unique combination of courses that can be applied to improve the productivity and efficiency of any manufacturing or service system. It focuses on critical areas of knowledge yet is broadly applicable to all manufacturing fields.

The curriculum focuses on quality improvement using tools such as Six Sigma, supply chain management, and project management, all of which are valuable and applicable across a wide variety of industries.

Explore all online M.S. in Quality and Engineering Management required courses.

Thesis and Non-Thesis Required Courses

In addition to the required coursework for all quality and engineering management students, students in the professional non-thesis pathway take six credits of coursework in Financial Risk for Engineering Project Management and Engineering Economics and Decision Analysis. Thesis-track students take a six-credit Master’s Thesis course.

Why study Quality and Engineering Management at Tarleton?

One-on-One Instruction and Mentorship with Experienced Faculty

With professional certifications, Tarleton State University’s expert faculty members have extensive teaching, research, and professional experience working and leading in the industry, including leadership and technical roles with APICS in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and managerial positions with Lockheed Martin.

Our faculty have access to leading-edge technology to design and deliver efficient and impactful online coursework, including industry-best software like SAP. They bring unique approaches and perspectives to the online classroom, such as using games to teach concepts and creating an engaging applied learning environment.

They are dedicated to student success and offer M.S. in Quality and Engineering Management students extensive guidance, mentorship, and academic and professional support. They are ready and available to help all of Tarleton’s online master’s students achieve their academic and professional goals.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

The online M.S. in Quality and Engineering Management degree is a competitively priced program compared to similar schools and engineering colleges, offering a high-quality and affordable advanced degree. 

Students may be eligible for graduate student scholarships and paid graduate assistantship positions. Applicants can complete the Common Application to be considered for all Tarleton scholarships and financial aid opportunities.


Tarleton’s Master of Science in Quality and Engineering Management degree is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).

What Tarleton master’s degrees are related to Quality and Engineering Management?

In addition to the M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Tarleton offers related graduate programs in mathematics and other engineering disciplines.

Earn your master’s in Quality and Engineering Management online through Tarleton State!

Tarleton State University’s online Master of Science in Quality and Engineering Management degree builds advanced leadership ability for students to be able to progress their career in management roles across all sectors of the manufacturing industry.

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