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Minor in Music Business

Students using soundboard

What can you do with a minor in Music Business?

In today’s dynamic and ever-changing music industry, students need innovative strategies that will help them take advantage of the wealth of opportunities that exist. Some career choices:

  • Music producer and engineer
  • Live music artist
  • Music publisher
  • Artist manager
  • Singer/Songwriter

Real-World Learning Opportunities

Tarleton’s Music Business minors can intern at professional studios, churches, and non-profit organizations, and local and state governments.

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Tarleton Music Business is designed for students of any major who are passionate about music and business and want to work in the music industry.

We emphasize a hands-on educational approach that prepares students to work in the field. You can gain an in-depth understanding of the music production process, such as recording, marketing and distribution. In addition, you can explore necessary elements in the business of live performances, intellectual property, copyrighting, music merchandising and new media/Internet commerce and platforms.

Why Choose Music Business at Tarleton?

Tarleton offers a unique combination of music with business, quality teaching, affordable tuition, a beautiful facility, a friendly and supportive learning environment. Students will:

  • Receive instruction from music industry professionals with over 30 years’ experience.
  • Develop a portfolio that highlights your talents and abilities.
  • Bring finished projects to the music market through collaborative works with fellow student producers, songwriters, and composers.
  • Have the opportunity to perform in a wide range of musical ensembles and settings, including jazz, percussion, and contemporary groups.

Program Objectives

Prepare, encourage, and mentor students to work in Music Business by ensuring that students receive broad knowledge of the industry.

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Recording Opportunities

Tarleton's Studio T, an educational studio for the music industry

Studio T. our recording studio includes approximately 500 square feet of sound-isolated recording space and boasts a wide assortment of microphones. The performance rooms contain mixers and headphones for performing artists.

The engineering room contains a digital audio workstation and touchscreen digital mixer with unlimited tracks, depending on the CPU. Our faculty and engineers have expertise in ProTools, Logic, Live, Reason, Cubase, StudioOne, Cakewalk, Reaper, and numerous other DAWs. The studio is fully capable of professional recording, post-production, mixing, mastering, and distribution.