A.A.S. in Medical Laboratory Technology


The Associate of Applied Science degree in Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) will prepare students for a career as a Medical Laboratory Technician. Students are able to apply to our MLT program while finishing their last semester of high school to ensure a smooth and easy transition into university coursework. The MLT program contains two parts; the first part involving taking the basic prerequisite courses at Tarleton State University, or any other approved college, followed by a hands-on technical portion which takes place at the Fort Worth campus. During this 15-month technical portion, students will be trained to collect samples and perform tests to analyze bodily fluids, tissue, and other substances. These courses will comprise the certification portion of the degree plan.

Designed With You in Mind

Our department faculty members are certified Medical Laboratory Technicians with advanced degrees and/or specialty certifications, and have various clinical experiences that offer a diverse academic presentation. Additionally, our staff is assisted by pathologists and medical laboratory scientists from several affiliated clinical laboratories.

Preparing You to Make a Difference

Acceptance to the MLT program is on a competitive basis. Students must successfully complete prerequisites prior to entering the technical portion of the program.

Upon successful program completion, students will be eligible for the National Certification Exam provide by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP). After passing the exam, students will then become certified Medical Laboratory Technicians.


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Estimated Completion

60 credit hours (2+ years)

Application Process

  1. Complete and submit the Medical Laboratory Technology Application
  2. Print out 3 reference letters to have professors fill out
  3. Apply to Tarleton State University – Undergraduate Studies Admissions


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Coursework Outline


ClassNumberClass Name
BIOL2402Anatomy & Physiology II
HPTC3350Microbiology for Allied Health Professionals
CHEM1407Fundamentals of Chemistry
PYSC2301General Psychology
ENGL1301Composition I
MATH1314 or 1332College Algebra or Contemporary Mathematics
  Elective Humanities or Fine Arts Elective

Required Medical Laboratory Technician Courses

ClassNumberClass Name
MLAB2182Introductory Skills for Medical Laboratory Science
MLAB2193MLT Field Practicum III
MLAB2194MLT Field Practicum I
MLAB2195MLT Field Practicum II
MLAB2214Introduction to Urinalysis
MLAB2285Advanced Topics and Capstone Review
MLAB2292MLT Field Practicum IV
MLAB2364Introduction to Immunology-Serology
MLAB2424Introduction to Hematology
MLAB2444Introduction to Immunohematology
MLAB2474Laboratory Operations
MLAB2534Introduction to Medical Microbiology
MLAB2576Introduction to Clinical Chemistry

For more information on courses, please refer to the university catalog

Please note that all required Medical Laboratory Technology courses (37 credit hours) will be taken at the Fort Worth campus.

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