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Non-Thesis Track - 30 Credit Hours (12 months)

Thesis Track - 30 Credit Hours (12 months) 

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Online Master's Degree in Business Management

Tarleton has been ranked No. 36 among the best management master's programs in the nation by FTE Times, as well as in the top 15% of management schools in the nation by Best Management Schools. Offering an online master’s degree, we are proud of our national recognition and reputation, but more importantly, we are proud of our role in preparing business management professionals to be more effective in their first, current and future jobs.

Designed for graduate students with diverse needs who want to advance their business management careers, our online MS in Management degree program is flexible, affordable and customizable. Classes are 100% online, and no leveling classes are required for enrollment. Depending on your concentration, you may be able to complete our online MS in Management degree in as quickly as a year.
With partnerships and collaborations across the entire university, we offer the following concentrations for you to choose from:

  • Business Analytics prepares you to interpret and determine business information needs, analyze business data and communicate results with business management and leadership.
  • Executive Communication prepares you to work at the executive level as an expert writer.
  • Recreation and Sports prepares you to run, own or manage facilities in the recreation or sport arena.
  • Management and Leadership prepares you for higher levels of business management and leadership as an emerging executive.
  • Social Media Strategy prepares you as an emerging executive to understand, manage and leverage social media in the modern marketing and business environment.
  • Self-Design provides added flexibility to choose your graduate education and business management career path, allowing you to blend course work and content from different disciplines into a unique business management graduate program experience.

To increase the value of your online master’s degree in management, many of these concentrations either integrate professional certification into the curriculum or prepare you for state and national certification exams.

What is Management?

Our MS in Management degree program caters to a wide spectrum of professional development needs in leadership and management training. The concentrations and course work have intentionally been designed to fulfill work experience and degree requirements of employers and help you qualify for better jobs in business management.

What Can You Do With Your Master's Degree in Management?

Business management jobs vary widely, from project and team management to operations and executive management. These are just a few examples of business management career opportunities within each of our specialized concentration areas:

  • Business Analytics: Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, Performance Analyst
  • Executive Communication: Communications Consultant, Public Relations and Communications Manager, Communications Strategist, Editorial Director
  • Recreation and Sports: Facility Manager, Physical Therapy Clinic Manager, Director of Parks and Recreation, Program Supervisor
  • Management and Leadership: Administrative Director, Department or Business Manager, Strategy Associate, Market Analyst
  • Social Media Strategy: Engagement Coordinator, Content Strategist, Digital Media Producer, Director of Social Media Communications, Internet Marketer, Media Coordinator
  • Self-Design: Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner, Franchise Owner

How Much Do Management Graduates Make?

Jobs for graduates with a master’s in management start in the $50,000 to $75,000 range, depending on the area of specialization and experience. With more experience and depending on the job title, the salary range increases fairly quickly to between $75,000 and $125,000. According to, the average annual salary for graduates with a non-MBA master’s degree in business is $75,000 nationally. Salaries range from $63,000 to $200,000, depending on the job title and experience.

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Why Study Management?

Through theory and practice, our master’s degree in management online provides professional development and leadership opportunities, as well as management training, in specialized areas that employers are looking for.

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Create a degree plan that fits your schedule and career goals

We offer a variety of ways to get the management training and experience you need through seminars, internships, research projects and more.

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Develop leadership and business management skills

We focus on marketable skills and knowledge, such as project management, data analytics and organizational behavior, to help you get the job you want.

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Get help paying for graduate school

Tarleton has been able to stay highly competitive in terms of costs to attend college. Our graduate degree program has been ranked the No. 8 Most Affordable Online Master’s in Management programs by College Choice. To help make graduate school even more affordable, you may qualify for graduate student scholarships from the College of Graduate Studies or federal financial aid.

What Classes Will You Take as a Management Graduate Student?

Our curriculum combines core management courses with numerous specialized electives in a flexible program design that allows you to choose half of your master's degree course work. Core course work includes leadership development, strategic business planning, managerial statistics and business analytics. A sampling of topics in the specialized concentrations include social media analytics, new communication technology, intercultural technical writing, grant and proposal writing, managing information systems, law for sport and recreation, econometrics and sports finance.

Some of the concentrations have an optional thesis track, which allows you to design and conduct your own research project that enhances your business management and leadership experience and can help you prepare for doctoral degree programs.

View all required classes for the management master’s degree.


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Business School Rankings ranks Tarleton’s College of Business among the Top 10 Best Colleges for Business Majors in Texas. In our flexible, customizable management master’s degree program online, you’ll have opportunities to connect with current and future business leaders in related business degree programs.

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Online Business Management Degree

Share diverse perspectives and experiences with graduate students across the state of Texas and around the world in an innovative and engaging learning environment.

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Connect with Area Employers

Some of our concentrations have partnerships with businesses throughout the region that facilitate experience in our specialized concentrations. For example, the business analytics program has relationships with businesses throughout the Metroplex to provide live experiences in business and management training.

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