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Estimated Completion

32 credit hours (2+ years)

Application Process

  1. Admission to Tarleton State University – Graduate Studies
  2. Obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Hydrology or any other areas related to Geoscience


Locations Available



M.S. in Geoscience


The Master of Science in Geoscience offered by the Department of Chemistry, Geoscience, & Physics is intended to enrich and enhance education in geological sciences in order to prepare students for leadership roles in industrial, educational, and research-oriented careers.

The graduate program is offered in two concentrations: the first concentration is a two-year track thesis track masters in geoscience. The second track is a five-year bachelor's-to-master's option that is stemmed from the geoscience undergraduate program also offered by Tarleton State University.

Designed With You in Mind

Our graduate program mirrors the successes of our undergraduate program, and uses one-on-one work with the geoscience faculty to guide students to become professional geologists. Additionally, our accelerated bachelor’s-to-master’s program allows our high achieving undergraduates to transition directly into our master’s program.

Preparing You to Make a Difference

The Masters of Science in Geoscience is focused on developing competent geoscientists under the tutelage of expert faculty advisers. Within this program, students have the opportunity to pursue an Exploration or Development career in the Petroleum Industry or develop a thesis on subjects which interest them and add to the total geologic knowledge of Texas and beyond.

Graduates of our program will be able to:

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the field and scientific standards of the discipline
  • Collect and interpret scientific data
  • Analyze and identify geological features



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Plan Your Future

Graduates at Master's Commencement Ceremony.

Professional Opportunities

This degree will equip our graduates with the mastery of the science best suited for industry placement, but also guaranteeing them familiarity with the discipline at large. Job opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Geoscientist
  • Petroleum geologists
  • Oil & gas explorers
  • Hydrologists
  • Mining and geological engineers


Professor pointing to board


Graduate teaching assistantships are available, but may vary by semester, based on the needs of the individual department. Additional opportunities such as research assistantships are also available dependent upon grant funding. Individuals interested in learning more about assistantships are encouraged to connect directly with their department or faculty advisor.

Student talking to an employer at a job fair.

Career Services

Career Services offers students a wide variety of professional development opportunities that can translate into careers. A few of these programs include:

  • Business etiquette dinner
  • Career counseling and My Plan
  • Handshake
  • Job fairs
  • Mock interviews
  • Resume assistance
  • Texan Shadow

Program Objectives

  • Provide students with a solid background in geoscience that includes major concepts, history and philosophy of the discipline, methods, field proficiency and scientific standards within the discipline.
  • Provide students with technical skills such as the ability to collect, interpret, and present scientific data.
  • Students will gain the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing about the geosciences.
  • Provide students with the scientific knowledge and training to better understand and resolve geological problems.

Coursework Highlights

Class Number Class Name
GEOL 5403 Metamorphic Petrology
GEOL 5405 Low Temperature Geochemistry
GEOL 5410 Field Paleoecology
GEOL 5452 Seal and Trap Analysis
GEOL  5453 Structural Systems
GEOL 5460 Sequence Stratigraphy
GEOL 5464 Carbonate Depositional Systems
GEOL 5465 Basin Analysis

For more information on courses, please refer to the university catalog.

Facilities and Features

Girl raising her hand during a panel

Hands-On Learning

Our Geoscience tracks provides you with the opportunity to gain experience through hands-on learning inside and outside of the classroom.

Student standing in front of showcase

Real Experiences

To ensure that you get the best educational and real-world experience, in our program you will have the opportunity to travel to regions such as:

  • Central Texas
  • Gulf Coast
  • West Texas/New Mexico
  • North Texas/Oklahoma
Students working on homework in the library.

EOG Computer Lab

The MS in Geoscience has an EOG computer lab dedicated to the program. The computer lab is an industry standard software system.