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A one-of-a-kind program

Our fully online Higher Education Leadership program stands apart from other programs because of the experienced faculty, exceptional value and strong professional network.

Higher Education Leadership Concentration


The Higher Education Leadership concentration prepares students for a variety of higher education career options at both community colleges and universities. Leadership theory is applied to the real world complexities of higher education leadership.

The Department of Educational Leadership and Technology is comprised of dynamic faculty members who have a variety of professional experiences and research agendas. Our faculty members are committed to the success of all students and are available to them via audio/video conference, telephone or email. 

Students who complete this concentration can expect to have an extensive knowledge of several areas including:

  • Finance
  • School leadership
  • Diverse learning communities
  • Politics and policy
Dr. Garry Tomerlin
The courses in this program helped to prepare me for my position at the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. I am involved in policy decisions that affect hundreds of thousands of Texas students.

Dr. Garry Tomerlin, Alumnus

Program Objectives

  • Students will receive a top-notch education that will prepare them for several leadership positions in Higher Education
  • Provide students with experience in real-world higher education leadership problems and solutions
  • Through coursework, students will obtain a foundation in research, legalities, procedures, policies, and financial obligations that all relate to education. 

Coursework Highlights

The Higher Educational Leadership concentration offers courses that are designed to increase knowledge and understanding of several education concepts, such as:

Class Number Class Name
ELHE 5300 Higher Education History
ELHE 5301 Higher Education Student Services
ELHE 5302 Higher Education Finance
ELHE 5303 The Comprehensive Community College
ELHE 5304 Higher Education Leadership
ELHE 5305 Higher Education Politics and Policy

Students will be require to take 12 hours of Educational Leadership core courses. To learn more, view our degree plan. 

Facilities and Features

Student teacher working with young students

Program Exclusive Graduate Assistantships

The Higher Educational Leadership program is now offering thirteen exclusive Graduate Assistantships for our students. These positions will give students hands-on experience that will be applicable in a variety of career settings, as well as ample networking opportunities. To learn more about our Graduate Assistantships, contact Dr. Farmer

Teacher in classroom

Educator Preparation Service (EPS)

Educator Preparation Service is designed to assist both undergraduate and graduate students. Our testing and certification service provide resources to graduate students seeking initial teacher certification via the TMATE alternative certification program. Students seeking a professional certificate through one of our graduate level certification programs can also benefit from these service.

Texas Center for Educational Facilities

Texas Center for Educational Facilities

Initiated in 2008, the Tarleton Research Laboratory on Educational Facilities (TRLEF) is a unique partnership with a local architectural firm, whose primary goal is to provide evidence-based research to public schools regarding the impact of facility design on student learning capacities. In 2011, TRLEF was renamed the Texas Center for Educational Facilities by The Texas A&M University System Board of Regents and continues to provide information, training and technical assistance to public schools.