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Take the fast track!

Now is the time to find out more about admission to the accelerated MBA program.

Earn Your M.B.A. in One Year

Tarleton State University is now offering an accelerated Master of Business Administration program!

This degree seeks to develop students' leadership, decision-making, and critical-thinking abilities in the functional areas of business, such as:

  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Information Systems
  • Business Strategy

The M.B.A. degree program is designed for hardworking individuals who wish to complete a broad business-based academic experience that will prepare them for advancement in the workplace and provide the skills and tools needed for career path changes, as well as the skills that are necessary for becoming an effective leader in Global Business.

Your Goals are Our Objective

The M.B.A. program at Tarleton is designed to fit your goals. With this in mind, our faculty strive to:

  • Assist you in developing analytical and critical-thinking skills.
  • Help you develop your existing leadership and decision-making abilities in all areas of business.
  • Prepare you for making tough decisions based on critical evaluation of real-life situations.

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Complete Coursework in Three Semesters

List of Fall coursework

First Semester

During your first semester in this program, you will take the following 8-week courses, as well as a 16-week accounting course:

  • Managerial Statistics (BUSI 5365)
  • Managerial Economics (ECON 5308)
  • Accounting Management (ACCT 5303)

4-Week Course

After your 8 and 16-week courses conclude, you will also take an accelerated 4-week course, which will be an elective.

List of Spring coursework

Second Semester

After getting started with basic courses in your first semester, you will move on to more career-focused courses, such as:

  • Financial Management (FINC 5307)
  • Marketing Management (MKTG 5308)
  • Managing Information Systems (BCIS 5311)

4-Week Course

After your 8 and 16-week courses conclude, you will also take an accelerated 4-week course:

  • Organizational Behavior (MGMT 5301)
List of Summer courses

Third Semester

In your last semester of this program, you will focus on research and the components of strategizing to solve business problems. This will be done through a seminar course, and an elective of your choosing.

  • Seminar in Business Strategy (BUSI 5388)
  • Business Elective