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Estimated Completion

30 credit hours (18+ months)

Application Process


Locations Available

  • Fort Worth
  • Some Online and Hybrid courses offered



Master of Arts in Communication Studies

Update or upgrade your professional communication skills and develop valuable new ones with a master’s degree in communication studies from Tarleton. Our MA in communication studies focuses on new communication technologies, social media management and organizational communication to provide innovative, relevant course work and hands-on experience.

Designed for experienced professionals and recent graduates alike, our communication master’s degree is flexible and accessible. We do not require a GRE for admission, and we offer a mix of face-to-face evening classes and online or hybrid classes that work with busy schedules. Graduates have the ability to earn graduate certificates in Organizational Communication and Social Media Strategy. With a variety of options, you can tailor your communication studies master’s degree program to fit your educational needs and career goals.

What is Communication Studies?

At Tarleton, the MA in communication studies offers a broad-based degree program that examines the role of communication at the intersection of organizational and technical applications, including computer-mediated communication. You’ll study current and emerging tools and trends in communication, such as social media, to expand your knowledge and job skills while staying ahead of the curve in an ever-changing social media landscape and job market.

What Can You Do With Your Master's Degree in Communication Studies?

With knowledge and skills in social media tools and analytics, applied communication theory and innovative communication strategies, our communication master’s graduates are well prepared for a variety of jobs, such as:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Public Relations Director
  • Internal Communications Specialist
  • Training and Development Specialist
  • Travel and Tourism Promoter
  • Business Leaders
  • Marketing Director
  • Communications Manager

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Why Study Communication Studies?

Develop advanced knowledge and skills in applying computer-mediated strategies and organizational communication tools and technologies to real-world situations.

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Get hands-on experience in your field

Graduate assistantships and internships opportunities on and off campus provide immersive learning and work experience.

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Discover solutions to real problems in communication

Research projects reflect real-world scenarios of communication practices from applied and theoretical perspectives to put your classroom learning into action. You can begin to build your academic resume by developing your course work into completed research projects and presenting at conferences across the country.

Tarleton State University study abroad students in Spain

Learn and serve across the globe

Like undergraduate students, graduate students have opportunities to study abroad, too. In the past, faculty and students in our communication studies master’s degree program have traveled throughout the Caribbean, South America, Europe and Asia.

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Receive student-centered instruction from award-winning faculty

Through innovative approaches to teaching, we offer a supportive learning environment to grow academically, personally and professionally. Our extensive knowledge in diverse disciplines and respect for student learning ensures we understand the academic needs of our students, and we make that our top priority.

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Get help paying for graduate school

As a graduate student in Tarleton’s communication master’s program, you may be able to receive financial assistance through graduate assistantships, scholarships from the College of Graduate Studies and federal financial aid.

What Classes Will You Take as a Communication Studies Graduate Student?

Explore how communication shapes management styles and organizational culture while examining the role of small-group interaction within organizations. The MA in communication studies focuses on core classes in ethics, theory and research, as well as topics in organizational communication, new communication technology and social media strategy. Then you can choose electives in and outside your concentration based on your areas of interest and career goals. Our master’s degree in communication studies doesn’t have a thesis track, but you can take classes related to communication research and application.

View all required classes for the communication studies master’s degree.


headshot of Tarleton State University graduate Hannah Harrell
The program's focus on technology and research prepared me to work with learning management systems to create a comprehensive professional development plan for faculty and staff, while managing a campus communication calendar.

Hannah Harrel, MA in Communication Studies, Fall '18 Coordinator of Academic Support Services, Tarrant County College

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Dual Certificate Program

Our MA in communication studies offers graduate certificates in Organizational Communication and Social Media Strategy. Through integrated course work that blends modern and traditional communication studies, you can earn one or both certificates to specialize your master’s degree and enhance your job and career opportunities.

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Social Media Research Institute

The Tarleton Texas Social Media Research Institute (TSMRI) is a cross-collaborative initiative between campuses that serves as a primary resource for social media policy development, social media partnerships between organizations, and community participation through social media. TSMRI hosts workshops, camps, outreach and Twitter chats, as well as an annual conference for research and training.

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Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships in communication studies provide paid opportunities to work with Texan Debate while applying skills and tools learned in our communication studies master’s degree program.

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