Master of Science in Information Systems

The first fully online information systems master’s program in Texas, our MS IS degree was also ranked the No. 1 in the nation as the Best Online Master’s in Information Systems Degree Programs by Nationally recognized for value and affordability, we offer a broad, rigorous program that enhances your current skillset to prepare you for a career change or advancement within your existing field. Through online course work, you’ll explore all areas related to management information systems and gain a range of technical knowledge and skills to prepare you for making decisions related to information systems, information technology resources, business operations and personnel.

Designed for working professionals to complete in two years, our MS in information systems is a flexible, 100% online degree program that allows you to access classes remotely while balancing work and life demands.

What is Information Systems?

Information systems include people, information technology and business processes, as well as networks of hardware and software. They organize and analyze data through collection, processing, storing and distribution to support business operations, management and decision-making.

At Tarleton, our online information systems master’s degree program focuses on specific domains within the MIS field such as networking, databases, systems analysis and design, management information systems, business intelligence and project management. The competitive cost of our online program plus the increased income potential equals a high return on your investment in graduate school — and your future.

What Can You Do With Your Master’s Degree in Information Systems?

Students are highly sought after for their diverse skillset and experience. With an MIS degree from Tarleton, you’ll be confident in working with information technologies and applying systems development methodologies to design scalable, robust network and database solutions that support the strategic and operational goals of an organization.

Our graduates work in a wide variety of industries such as telecommunications, finance, oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, health care, education, engineering and construction. Their jobs are just as varied:

  • Application Architect
  • Computer Programmer or Website Manager
  • Database Administrator
  • Operational Risk Manager
  • Software or Systems Engineer
  • Director of Technology
  • IT Director
  • Financial Data and Reporting Expert
  • School Registrar
  • Cost Control Analyst
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Estimated Completion

36 Credit Hours (12+ months)

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Careers in Information Systems

100% of Tarleton MSIS graduates report being satisfied or very satisfied with their master’s degree.

How Much Do Information Systems Graduates Make?

The average starting salary for Tarleton MS in Information Systems graduates is over $83,000.

Why Study Information Systems?

Expand your analytical, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills with analysis and synthesis of computer information systems and information technology.

What Classes Will You Take as an Information Systems Graduate Student?

The online degree program curriculum includes opportunities for synchronous and asynchronous presentations, substantive written assignments, case analyses and other methods to develop and challenge your knowledge and skills. Core courses include management information systems, IT project management and research methods in information systems. You can also customize the coursework to fit your technology career needs with electives in decision support systems, web development, e-business, security, Java programming and more.

One of our most popular courses is Telecommunications for Managers, an intense network design course that exposes you to fundamental networking concepts. You’ll develop a comprehensive networking solution that addresses an organization’s logical, physical and wireless needs, while exploring its financial viability, the organization’s security needs and the managerial needs of the network.

Our information systems master’s degree program culminates in a capstone course designed to apply what you’ve learned in developing real-world solutions to issues faced by organizations.

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For additional information on this program, view the Master of Science in Information Systems Handbook.


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