Master of Education in Educational Administration

Our accredited, online master’s degree in educational administration prepares aspiring educational administrators to transform the lives of students in their schools by helping them gain new skills and in-depth knowledge in educational leadership. Our graduates are committed to intentionally creating diverse learning environments for all students.

In our online program, you can earn an MEd with a principal certification. If your goal is to be an EC–12 leader at the campus level, the Principal Certification Program will prepare you for the TExES Principal Exam, a requirement for obtaining Texas principal certification. If your goal is to work in educational leadership at the district level, you’re strongly encouraged to continue with the Superintendent Certification Program, which offers an executive-style experience that combines online learning with interactive opportunities to communicate with current scholar-practitioners.

Choose from the following concentrations:

If your goal is to earn your superintendent or principal certification but you already have a master’s degree, you may be interested in Tarleton’s Post-Master’s Degree Principal Certification Program or Post-Master’s Degree Superintendent Certification Program.

What is Educational Administration?

Educational administration is the business of leading an educational institution, such as a school or district. Educational administrators include (but are not limited to) school principals, assistant principals, district-level administrators, instructional coaches, department heads and chief executive officers. Our graduates learn to manage and integrate resources, tasks and communications, as well as plan and provide oversight.

Tarleton graduates understand how to effectively lead their school communities, and as dynamic leaders, they successfully engage in scholarly practice in the field.

What Can You Do With Your Master’s Degree in Educational Administration?

If you choose to earn a superintendent or principal certificate, you will be qualified to work in administration positions at all levels, including central office roles.

These are just a few examples of jobs for graduates with a master’s degree in educational administration and certification:

  • Assistant Principal or Associate Principal
  • Assistant Principal of Discipline
  • Assistant Principal of Instruction
  • Principal Assistant Superintendent
  • Campus Instructional Specialist
  • Director of Leadership
  • Director of Student Services
  • Director of Textbooks
  • Assistant Director of Human Resources
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Estimated Completion

With Certification – 33 Credit Hours (18+ months)

Without Certification – 30 Credit Hours (18+ months)

Application Process

Note: Those pursuing an M.Ed. with Principal Certification will have their application reviewed by the Educator Preparation Council. Certification is for Texas Residents Only.


Locations Available


You may also be interested in further specializing your career with a doctoral degree in education, such as Tarleton’s EdD in Educational Leadership.

Careers in Educational Administration

Recent data show 100% of Tarleton MEd graduate students in educational administration taking the 268 Principal as Instructional Leader exam passed.

How Much Do Educational Administration Graduates Make?

The average salary of an assistant principal in Texas ranges between $66,000 and $72,000. The average salary of Texas public school principals ranges between $70,000 and $118,000. Most Texas school districts use a salary scale based on years of experience to determine beginning salaries.

Why Study Educational Administration?

Our MEd in Educational Administration is an accredited educational leadership program offering a stimulating, rigorous and extensive online learning experience.

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Get more from your master’s degree for less than other programs

The cost of our online master’s degree program in educational administration is highly affordable and competitive with colleges and universities in Texas and Louisiana.

What Classes Will You Take as an Educational Administration Graduate Student?

The program curriculum features video and interactive content with challenging exercises, assignments and discussions on theories, authors and educational change efforts while exploring a variety of topics in educational leadership. Study data analysis and statistical methods, law and policy, financial and resource management, facility development, community relationships, diverse learning communities, philosophy and ethics and more.

Culminating in a practicum experience, the MEd program offers in-depth study and Zoom seminars for engaging Q&A sessions, as well as opportunities for purposeful, one-on-one and small group discussions.

View all required classes for the educational administration master’s degree.


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