Travel, Event and Activity Management (TEAM)


The Travel, Event and Activity Management program (TEAM) is a focused study of many aspects related to the travel and tourism industry. This program aims to teach students in different areas of the hospitality industry:

  • Event management–plan, prepare, execute, and manage high-quality events
  • Travel & tourism–help build brand identity of travel-related organizations like hotels and resorts, airlines and cruise lines, casinos and theme parks
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A One-of-a-Kind Program

As one of the only institutions with a fully functional and operational news station with state-of-the-art equipment, our main goal is to offer: 

  • Hands-on coursework to prepare you for a career in the Travel, Event and Activity Management fields;
  • Internships that provide you with real-world experience; and
  • The best possible education in all things related to travel, tourism, and hospitality including event coordination, travel blogging, and more.
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“I graduated from Tarleton in 2019 and got my degree in Event Management. I currently own my business Everything Bridal, and use the skills I learned to make a bride’s wedding planning process easier and make the best day of a couple’s lives run as smoothly as possible.”

Kendyl Martin, Class of 2019

Real-World Learning Experiences

Early in this program students can get hands-on learning through volunteering at events around the Tarleton State University campus and Stephenville community. COMM 2325, Event Coordination, requires students to complete at least 20 hours of volunteer event work to get a sense of the types of duties related to event management. Other courses like Trade Show Management will give students the experience of working on class projects with an actual client. These help to build resumes.

Through our departmental internship called Legendary Weddings and Special Events, students are able to earn credit, a paycheck, or possibly secure a job after working with clients that partner with Legendary Weddings and Special Events. This is largely for students in their junior and senior years who have an understanding of the fundamentals of event coordination.

Teach Texas is a program that Communication Studies has had curriculum approved for study of travel and tourism in Texas. Students will ride the Amtrak train west and visit some of the popular tourism destinations in west Texas including Marfa, Alpine, Terlingua, and others. Other Study Abroad opportunities to study Travel & Tourism is other countries will also be available.

You can also view academic advising guides and course rotations for Communication Studies.

Coursework Highlights

The Travel, Event and Activity Management concentration option offers several fascinating courses, such as:

ClassNumberClass Name
COMM1316News Photography I
COMM2307Audio Production
COMM2311News Gathering and Writing I
COMM2333Broadcast Journalism
COMM3308Digital Video Production
COMM3317News and Feature Writing I
COMM3318News and Magazine Editing

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