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Our Public Relations and Social Engagement (PRSE) concentration provides students with real-world experience through coursework, internships, applied learning opportunities, and so much more. With faculty and staff who put students first, this concentration will provide you with a variety of skills and experiences designed to equip you to be successful in a communications career.

Because of these opportunities and experiences, PRSE students are prepared to apply their learning, resulting in many securing employment immediately upon graduation.

A one-of-a-kind program

Many PRSE courses include an applied learning emphasis and some, such as Crisis Communication, include a service learning opportunity where students serve the community while learning about public relations. PRSE focuses on preparing students for a job once they graduate. Additionally, the emphasis on internships often results in students securing employment after graduation.

To ensure students succeed, upper-level PRSE students are assigned a faculty academic advisor who helps them discover their professional passion and helps them select courses geared toward their individual career aspirations.


“PRSE has allowed me to manifest my passion for communications by using applied learning experiences in combination with a dynamic curriculum. During my time in the PRSE program, I enhanced my knowledge of PR policies and practices, graphic design, technical writing, video production, social media content curation, and so much more. It has broadened both my network connections and my perspective in order to make me a well-rounded and well-prepared public relations professional. My professors consistently encouraged growth and development while maintaining the highest standards in order to prepare their students for this rapidly changing industry.”

Hope Hale, 2020 Alum

Program Objectives

  • Broaden your horizons by exploring different aspects of the communications field such as social networking, political communication, and organizational speaking.
  • Develop the skills needed to be successful in a variety of professions that require effective communication skills.
  • Obtain various connections through the act of social engagement and applied learning that will jumpstart your career before graduation.

Coursework Highlights

The PRSE concentration option offers several career-focused courses, such as:

ClassNumberClass Name
COMM4085Crisis Communication
COMM3323Political Communication
COMM3320Public Relations
COMM3328Public Relations Writing
COMM4085Social Media PR
COMM4310Computer-Mediated Communication
COMM4320Event Planning and Management
COMM3325Organizational Spokespeople
COMM4325Applied Public Relations & Event Planning*
COMM4384Communications Internship

*Note: COMM 4325 has a high-post employment rate. Students consistently have job offers before the end of the semester.

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