B.S. in Chemistry


The Bachelor of Science in Chemistry is a degree designed for students with a passion for testing theories and engaging in scientific practices. Students who enjoy working with their hands and exercising their minds will thrive on the challenges of the creative science that this degree presents. The demand for chemists is high and will continue to grow as society moves further toward a highly developed technological age that depends on the scientific materials that are available. Our Chemistry program offers concentrations in the following areas:

Designed With You in Mind

The Department of Chemistry, Geoscience, and Physics offers the Bachelor of Science in Chemistry degree with or without Teacher Certification. This degree prepares students for graduate studies or careers in various sectors of the scientific field.


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Program Objectives

  • Students will work with highly sophisticated instruments, computers, basic lab ware, and chemicals
  • Students will gain the knowledge to continue into graduate studies, as well as the skills to pursue careers in the scientific field
  • Students will learn how to handle real-world situations by utilizing hands-on activities in the classroom

Coursework Highlights

ClassNumberClass Name
CHEM3407Quantitative Analysis
CHEM4327Qualitative Organic Analysis
CHEM4345Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM4477Environmental Chemistry
EDUC4690Clinical Teaching

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