MBA – Master of Business Administration

At Tarleton, we offer a flexible, affordable MBA degree designed to help you achieve your career goals — today and in the future. Whether you’re seeking workplace advancement or a complete career change, you’ll develop the skills and tools necessary to be a strong contributor in the current job market, as well as an effective leader in global business.

With traditional and fast track options, the 30-credit master’s program in business administration can be completed in as quickly as a year.

What is an MBA?

The MBA program at Tarleton is a broad, business-based professional degree with relevant coursework that’s directly applicable to current concepts and practices of key business areas. You’ll explore topics in accounting, finance, information systems, marketing, business strategy, and more. Unlike career-specific advanced degrees like a teaching credential or a medical degree, the knowledge and skills you gain while earning your MBA can transfer easily across industries. An MBA opens the door to a wide array of careers in business management and positions you for success both now and well into the future.

Why Study Business Administration?

Our MBA program graduates boast the ability to adapt and fit with any company culture, to work in and build strong teams, and to have an impact — all while staying grounded in solid business ethics.

Curriculum Focused on Progressive Leadership

The MBA curriculum stresses the importance of progressive leadership, covering strategic approaches to assessing industry and mobilizing individuals and teams for organizational success and longevity. In addition to qualitative analysis methods, the curriculum also covers problem-solving tactics through emotional intelligence.

The online format provides flexibility in access that can help students balance academic, work, and personal responsibilities. Many classes are available in either 8-week or 16-week formats, allowing the program to be completed in as little as 12 months.

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Estimated Completion

There are two options for completing your 30 credit hours:

Fast track: 12 months
Traditional track

Application Process


Locations Available


MBA Course Work

Our MBA program curriculum goes beyond standard textbook questions and answers. You will be challenged with case studies, simulations, and other hands-on activities that prepare you for work and life beyond the classroom.

Required coursework includes eight core courses shown in the table below and two electives. Course electives allow you to explore other areas of interest and specialize in management, human resources, marketing, financing, accounting, organizational behavior, business analytics, logistics, and supply chain management. The final semester seminar is focused on research-based strategies to solve real-world business problems.

View the catalog for the MBA.

ClassNumberClass Name
ACCT5303Accounting Management
BCIS5311Managing Information Systems
BUSI5388Seminar in Business Strategy
BUSI5397Evidenced Based Decision Making
ECON5308Managerial Economics
FINC5307Financial Management
MGMT5301Organizational Behavior
MKTG5308Marketing Management
ElectivesSelect 2 Classes from the Preapproved, Program Advisors Business Graduate Elective Courses list

For those interested in completing the MBA in a year, consider the Fast-Track MBA The fast-track MBA is the same program and courses outlined here but arranged in such a way to allow completion in 12-months. Many of the fast-track courses are compressed into 8-week formats; however, the content is identical to the traditional 16-week course.

Students without sufficient undergraduate coursework may need to take a 1.5-hour graduate course as a leveling requirement in key business areas. Each student has the opportunity to tailor the MBA program to meet their specifics needs by selecting 6 credit hours of electives.

Most MBA programs across the country, including Tarleton, require leveling courses for those prospective students without a business background. Where possible, to Avoid Level Course Requirements, a minor in Business Administration is recommended that includes the following courses:

ClassNumberClass Name
ACCT3300Accounting Concepts
BUSI2311Business Statistics
FINC3301Principals of Finance
ECON2301Macro Economics
MKTGElectiveAny Marketing Course
MGMTElectiveAny Management Course

Important: To meet these leveling requirements, the undergraduate coursework must have been completed with a grade of “C or better.

What Can You Do With Your Master’s Degree in Business Administration?

Thrive in your current career or change to a new job in business management with a Tarleton MBA Evaluating real-life situations through analytical and critical thinking, and you’ll be able to lead teams and organizations in making intelligent business decisions. Use your skills and tools to function successfully in a wide variety of industries and roles, such as:

  • C-Level Executive
  • Administrative Director
  • Account or Project Manager
  • Communication Specialist or Marketing Manager
  • Small Business Entrepreneur
  • Senior Vice President or C.E.O.
  • Operations Manager
  • Auditor or Sales Analyst
  • Purchasing or Supply Chain Manager
  • Field Services Director
  • Financial Planning and Analysis Manager
  • Production Control Specialist
  • Client Service Consultant  

Careers in Business Administration

76% of graduating students are employed full-time at the time of graduation.

How Much Do MBA Graduates Make?

Earning an MBA may improve your job opportunities, help you qualify for higher-paying jobs and achieve more over the life of your career. See the Department of Management in the catalog for more information on salary averages per degree


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