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Estimated Completion

120 credit hours (4 years)

Application Process

  1. Admission to Tarleton State University – Undergraduate Studies


Locations Available

  • 1Admission to the off-campus locations such as Fort Worth, Midlothian, Waco, and Online require a minimum of 30 transferable credit hours, a 2.0 GPA and that a student be TSI complete.



B.S. in Psychology


This degree is designed to expand your knowledge about the science of psychology through research, scholarship, and service opportunities. Psychology is a broad subject that includes the study of how biology and the environment work together to influence human behavior. This field includes studies in the following psychology disciplines:

  • Developmental & Cognitive
  • Social
  • Clinical & Counseling
  • Human factor engineering
  • Evolutionary
  • Forensic & Health
  • Educational
  • Industrial & Organizational
  • Quantitative

Upon completion of this program you will have developed a strong foundation in the knowledge of human behavior and skills in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data. Graduates also possess strong writing skills and the ability to think critically. View the B.S. in Psychology Advising Guide for more information.

Program Objectives

Students will learn to view psychological research through both empirical and critical lenses while obtaining basic knowledge of research and statistical tools.

The Department of Psychological Sciences is committed to:

  • Encouraging and supporting scholarship among faculty and students
  • Providing the best practices in all aspects of education
  • Updating the curriculum to meet the needs of psychology professions
  • Seeking a diverse faculty and student population to reflect the standards of modern society

Check out our Coursework Highlights.

Jump Right In

As a psychology major, you will advance through 4 years of coursework consisting of the common university core classes, plus 46 hours of psychology classes and electives for a total of 120 hours.

Designed With You in Mind

Courses in this degree program are in face-to-face, hybrid, and online formats. Our degree is designed to provide challenging opportunities that will enable you to obtain the necessary academic knowledge leadership skills, and cultural experience to be successful in the future.


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Plan Your Future

Student writing information on a white board

Career Opportunities

A B.S. in Psychology opens career paths such as:

  • Licensed psychological associate
  • Research psychology assistant
  • Consultant
  • Statistician
  • Case management
  • Psychiatric technician
  • Rehabilitation specialist

And many more!

Student gaining real experience with help from a professor

Real Experience

The Department of Psychology offers a number of real experiences for students. Students have worked with the TREAT Research Team as research assistants, conducted research on eyewitness testimony and the weapon focus effect, as well as completed internships. Tarleton State University offers many projects that students can participate in for more hands-on experience.

Career Service

Career Services

Career Services offers students a wide variety of professional development opportunities that can translate into careers. A few of these programs include:

  • Business etiquette dinner
  • Career counseling and My Plan
  • Hire A Texan - Online Job Board
  • Job fairs
  • Resume assistance
  • Texan Shadow

And much more!

Coursework Highlights

Class Number Class Name
PSYC 2301 General Psychology
PSYC 3301 Psychology of Learning
PSYC 3309 Writing in Psychology
PSYC 3330 Elementary Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 3435 Principles of Research for the Behavioral Sciences
PSYC 4320 History of Psychology

For more information on courses, please refer to the university catalog.

Facilities and Features

Student presenting a graph

Psi Chi

The National Honor Society in Psychology (Psi Chi) was founded in 1929 for the purpose of advancing the science behind psychology through encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship. Membership is open to both undergraduate and graduate students who desire to make the study of psychology a priority in their academic career. Psi Chi is a member of the Association of College Honor Societies (ACHS) and is an affiliate of the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Psychological Society (APS).

Members of the psychology club

Psychology Club

As a member of the Psychology Club, you will have the opportunity to encounter a variety of learning experiences with professors and other faculty members. In accordance with the social nature of our club, we hold many different meetings and gatherings. Our goal is to increase your knowledge of psychology as a science with widespread applications and support in research. We hope to recruit multiple speakers throughout the year, each representing the varied areas of interest within psychology.

Professor helping student in the psychology learning community

Psychology Learning Community

Tarleton State University offers students living and learning communities that will enable students to live and attend classes with others who share the same major or field of study. The purpose of the living-learning communities is to encourage persistence, enhance satisfaction, and build success by learning together.