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B.S. in Industrial Technology


This degree heavily emphasizes hands-on activities along with classroom instruction to provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in a wide range of positions throughout the industry. Our program explores a wide variety of manufacturing issues, and the course content can be applied to many industries, such as:

  • Construction
  • Cabinet-making
  • Fabrication

Designed With You in Mind

The Industrial Technology program involves ample opportunities for hands-on field experience and is geared toward the creation and distribution of products rather than processes. This industry provide graduates with many diverse career paths, as well as opportunities for career specialization. Our program is determined to assist students in reaching their maximum potential by providing them with the necessary skills and knowledge for success after graduation through avenues such as:

  • Applied research
  • Hands-on learning opportunities
  • Engaging curriculum

Apply Your Education

As a graduate of this program, you will be prepared to work in positions that have not yet been defined or developed because at Tarleton, you will learn current, innovative, and adaptable skills, as well as problem solving methods. Many large industrial firms have moved their operations from urban areas in the Northern parts of the United States to the warmer climates of the South. These relocations prove that employment opportunities exist in all types of industrial settings, from suburban/rural communities to metropolitan areas. Tarleton's location puts you, as a graduate, in a perfect position to find success in any direction.


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Plan Your Future

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Career Opportunities

Our graduates are prepared for many different career-related challenges and find work in the Industrial Technology field as

  • Numerical Control Programmers
  • Production Supervisors
  • Manufacturing Engineers
  • Plant Managers
  • Machinists
  • Welders
  • Contractors
  • Computer-aided Designers

Among other positions.

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Areas of Study

As an Industrial Technology major, you will study all areas of manufacturing including:

  • Drafting and Computer Aided Design
  • Metal Machining and Welding
  • Materials and Safety
  • Numerical Control Programming and Robotics
  • Plastic Molding and Fabrication
  • Manufacturing Management and Scheduling
  • Industrial Controls and Automated Manufacturing
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Get Hired

Our 2015 Industrial Technology graduates received the 3rd highest employment rating in Texas! These graduates exceeded the state-wide average in not only job placement, but also mean and median earnings with the second highest average salary in the state.

See how Tarleton's recent IT alum compare to others across the state

Program Objectives

We explore a wide variety of manufacturing issues, which can be applied to multiple fields. Professors heavily emphasize hands-on activities and classroom instruction to give you the knowledge and skills to fill a range of positions in the industry. You will learn different operations and processes and be able to apply this knowledge to real-life situations. We aim to provide you with the latest technological applications to better prepare you for a career in any related field.

Coursework Highlights

Class Number Class Name
ENGT 2309 Electrical Circuits
ENGT 3301 Applied Dynamics
ENGT 3303 Industrial Materials
ENGT 3309 Control Systems and Mechanical Application
ENGT 3318 Research and Reporting for Technologists
ENGT 4356 Advanced Industrial Controls
ENGT 4361 Computer Aided Visualization 

For more information on courses, please refer to the university catalog.

Facilities and Features

Applied Sciences Building

New Applied Sciences Building

The new Applied Sciences Building will house both classrooms and labs for the Engineering and Engineering Technology programs. In addition, there will be select labs for the Agriculture and Natural Resources. The building is projected to open in Fall 2018.

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The Tarleton Industrial Development and Education Initiative's purpose is to strengthen the economy in local communities while creating, developing, and sustaining small businesses and manufacturers. TIDE offers consulting service and training programs, such as process improvement, to regional manufacturing companies. Through this initiative, we are able to offer valuable opportunities to Tarleton students as they collaborate with faculty and business professionals to address real world problems.

Tarleton Society of Engineering Technology

Tarleton Society of Engineering Technology

The Tarleton Society of Engineering Technology is a social, service focused, and professional organization that offers membership to all students pursuing an Engineering degree. This society actively engages in professional development to help students get ahead and provide them with leadership opportunities through avenues such as:

  • Seminars
  • Sponsored meetings
  • Guest lectures
  • Industry tours
Electromagnetic Research Facility

Electromagnetic Research Facility

This facility enables students to conduct research in the following areas:

  • Microwave communication
  • Target detection
  • Optical communications
  • Image processing

Our Electromagnetic Research Facility also includes a state-of-the-art Anechoic Research Chamber.