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B.S. in Biology


Tarleton State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Biology that gives you the opportunity to develop skills for a career as a professional biologist, biology educator, research analyst, and so much more. This degree provide a hands-on approach to learning that will be helpful in your career pursuit, graduate programs, or any other path you may decide to choose. Specific support areas include:

  • Aquatic Ecology
  • Environmental
  • General/Undecided
  • Molecular
  • Life Science with Teacher Certification
  • Science with Teacher Certification
  • Wildlife Biology

Designed With You in Mind

Faculty and students work together in a wide range of areas including:

  • Botany
  • Zoology
  • Ecology
  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Genetics
  • Microbiology
  • Physiology
  • Virology

All faculty involved in research serve as research mentors to motivated undergraduate and graduate students as they become involved in the process of scientific discovery. Working with an advisor, you may also substitute courses within your degree plan to meet specific needs and interests.


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Plan Your Future

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

Students with a B.S. in Biology can look forward to careers as:

  • Biologists
  • Botanists
  • Ecologists
  • Zoologists
  • Educators
  • Environmental consultants
  • Geneticists
  • Research scientists

Learn about additional opportunities for Biology majors. 

Female student in lab testing samples.

Careers in Health Care

COST Health Pre-Professional students are prepared to apply to health professions and graduate schools.  The successful student will:

  • Earn a high GPA
  • Meet regularly with advisors
  • Seek relevant volunteer opportunities
  • Regularly shadow working professionals
  • Develop leadership in honor clubs
  • Always be focused and informed
  • Attend professional school fairs
  • Earn high scores on admissions exams

Learn about the Pre-Health programs!

Group of students posing with the trash bags from the Bosque River Clean Up.

Real Experience

Participate beyond the classroom through opportunities such as:

  • Timberlake Ranch Biological Station
  • Bosque River Trail Clean-up
  • National Science Foundation
  • United States Fish and Wildlife Service Work
  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
  • Texas and Oklahoma Regional Consortia of Herbaria
  • Science Olympiad Pre-service
2 males talking at a job fair.

Start Networking

Get connected with like-minded individuals and industry experts through organizations such as: 

  • American Society of Parasitologists
  • Botanical Research Institute of Texas
  • Ecological Society of America
  • Southwestern Association Naturalists
  • Texas Academy of Sciences
  • TriBeta

Program Objectives

  • Provide students with the resources needed to develop the knowledge and skills require for professional biologists, educators in biology, or graduate students.
  • Prepare students for real-world situations by utilizing hands-on activities in the classroom.

Coursework Highlights

Class Number Class Name
BIOL 2300 Cell Biology
BIOL 3395 Pathogenic Microbiology
BIOL 3415 Plant Taxonomy
BIOL 3449 Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL 4340 Developmental Biology
BIOL 4440 Herpetology
BIOL 4451 Mammalogy

For more information on courses, please refer to the university catalog.

Facilities and Features

Students in rock climbing gear smiling for a photo on top of a large rock in Puerto Rico.

Study Abroad

Through this program, students are introduced to diverse ecosystems in tropical countries such as Puerto Rico, as well as gain hands-on experience in ecology and field techniques that enable them to learn how to maintain use of important ecological systems. Learn more about study abroad.

Male student outdoors collecting samples.

Aquatic Science Laboratory

Students in our program gain hands-on experience through the use of sei.e. electro-shock sampling, and aquatic animal traps to study biota in waterways.

Male student outdoors collecting samples.

Animal Collection

In our Animal Collection Lab, students are able to document distributions of animals through our vast collection, which is used for both vouchers and research.

Male professor outdoors with book on trees with 2 students around him.


In this facility, students gain experience first-hand by adding dried plants to our collection of over 7,000 herbarium specimens, along with observing and documenting the distribution of existing samples.

Group of students gardening in raised planters.

Tarleton Environmental Society

This organization is devoted to minimizing the negative impact of human activities on the environment, spreading awareness of contemporary issues, and engaging students in environmental preservation.

Students in Bosque River cleaning trash from banks.

The Wildlife Society

The Student Wildlife Society is the Tarleton student chapter of The Wildlife Society (TWS). TWS is an international, nonprofit, scientific and educational organization comprised of nearly 9,600 members from 60 countries. TWS represents professionals and students dedicated to the sustainable management of wildlife resources and their habitats.