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Turn Occupational Training into College Credit

Tarleton State University has partnered with the Texas Affordable Baccalaureate Program (TAB) in offering the Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Science (BSAS).

The BSAS is intended to allow working students who are seeking a bachelor’s degree to complete their program quickly through the utilization of previously completed vocational coursework and/or training known as Occupational Specialization. The program is composed of Occupational Specialization credits paired with university core courses and upper level electives.

Coursework Highlights

Hours Class Name
36 Occupational Specialization*
24 Advanced Concentration Specific Electives
12 Advanced Electives
3 Approved BCIS Elective
3 Open Elective

Students are prequalified for this program to ensure the minimum requirements are met prior to submission of an official degree plan.

Male student in professional attire

Business Concentration

The BSAS concentration in business provides a broad-based education with a focus on business knowledge and practices. Business coursework is paired with:

  • Occupational Specialization credits earned from occupation training, and/or
  • Vocational coursework completed at a community college or technical school.

Vocational coursework and/or training can be from any vocation; a business-related vocation is not required. This concentration requires that students complete 27 hours of business coursework; 24 of those hours must be advanced level coursework.

Please note that the 27 required hours of business coursework will be changing to 24, effective starting with the 2018-2019 catalog year.