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B.S. in Animal Science


The Bachelor of Science in Animal Science provides a strong basic foundation in animal science courses and places emphasis on courses based on the student's concentration choice. The program provides many hands-on learning opportunities to further develop the student's knowledge. There are six concentrations offered:

The Animal Science program also offers minors in:

  • Animal Production
  • Range and Ranch Management


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Plan Your Future

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Career Opportunities

Obtaining a B.S. in Animal Science can lead to careers such as:

  • Breed Association Representative
  • Genetic Mating Service Specialist
  • Nutritional Consultant
  • Research Associate
  • Meat Inspector
Students at TREAT Rodeo


We strongly encourage our students to complete one of our available internships. These internships provide hands-on experience that will give students an advantage over other job applicants after graduation. 

Please contact a program advisor for more information.

Career Service

Career Services

Career Services offers students a wide variety of professional development opportunities that can translate into careers. A few of these programs include:

  • Resume assistance
  • Job fairs
  • Mock interviews
  • Career counseling

And much more!

Program Objectives

Tarleton State University's Department of Animal Science & Veterinary Technology strives to prepare students for life after graduation with:

  • Quality classroom instruction
  • Hands-on experience in livestock production units
  • Industry interaction through field trips, cooperative education, and internships

Coursework Highlights

Class Number Class Name
ANSC 2350 Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals
ANSC 3313 Sheep and Goat Production
ANSC 4308 Environmental Physiology of Farm Animals
ANSC 4312 Meat Processing and Merchandising
ANSC 4440 Sustainable Livestock Systems
AGRI 1311 Dairy Science
AGRI 2330 Wildlife Conservation Management
AGRI 3409 Genetics

For more information on courses, please refer to the university catalog.

Facilities and Features

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Block and Bridle Club

The Block & Bridle Club is a student organization that is devoted to promoting the interest and scholarship of Animal Science and Agriculture among Tarleton students and the community. We are a pre-professional, social, and service club associated with the Animal Science Department and the American Society of Animal Science.

T.R.E.A.T. rider

Tarleton Equine Assisted Therapy (TREAT)

TREAT serves as a training program for students who plan to enter a career in the equine assisted therapy industry. Students who are interested in a career working with individuals that have special needs can gain experience from this program as well. TREAT also serves as a training program for these applicable industries: 

  • Veterinary Service
  • Therapy
  • Health Care
  • Education

Any individual can benefit from the skills and lessons provide by this unique program. 



There are several facilities that we utilize to ensure that students get the best hands-on experience possible. These facilities include:

  • Equine Center
  • Meat Lab
  • Swine Center
  • Agriculture Center
  • Southwest Regional Dairy Center
  • The Teaching Pavilion