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Estimated Completion

120 credit hours (4 years)

Application Process


Locations Available

  • 1Admission to the off-campus locations such as Fort Worth, Midlothian, Waco, and Online require a minimum of 30 transferable credit hours, a 2.0 GPA and that a student be TSI complete.



Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing

With a focus on entrepreneurship, our BBA in Marketing accredited degree program provides knowledge and skills in all foundational marketing-related disciplines, including advertising, sales and pricing, as well as product design, quality and distribution. Our business core requirements integrated with the marketing degree program curriculum also educate undergraduate students in basic business principles that are highly desired by many industry employers.

With hands-on, real-world experience, you’ll learn how to make important business decisions to solve problems with innovative, creative solutions.

What is Marketing?

Marketing is a business discipline that involves the process of trying to persuade consumers to use or buy your product or service through promotion. In today's job market, marketing is a fast-growing, exciting and highly sought out business profession.

Business administration bachelor’s degrees are well-balanced programs for students interested in management in marketing as a career. Our strong curriculum with internship opportunities will help you gain the theoretical knowledge and practical experience you need for marketing as a career.

What Can You Do With Your Bachelor's Degree in Marketing?

Jobs for graduates with a BBA in marketing are wide ranging. With job skills in presentation, writing and problem solving, you could work in marketing-related fields such as:

  • sales and promotion
  • management, purchasing and procurement
  • social media
  • market research
  • entertainment
  • banking, insurance and real estate

Our business majors with a bachelor’s in marketing degree work in jobs such as:

  • Account Manager
  • Advertising Sales Director
  • Media Coordinator
  • Sales Representative
  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Customer Experience Manager

How Much Do Marketing Graduates Make?

The median annual salary for marketing managers was more than $130,000 in May 2018, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Why Major in Marketing?

Our student-focused bachelor’s program in marketing allows you to personalize your academic experience to get the most from a business marketing degree.

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Learn from diverse, passionate, innovative and engaged faculty

Most of us are engaged in high levels of scholarly activities that contribute to the marketing discipline. We publish research in internationally recognized industry journals and present at major professional conferences. We are proud of the outstanding course evaluations we receive from our students.

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Marketing in Business School

Tarleton’s accredited College of Business focuses on providing business majors, including students in the marketing bachelor’s degree program, a global perspective to better understand how interconnected the business environment is around the world.

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Student Activities

Join the American Marketing Association for academic, research, leadership and professional development opportunities. AMA members also have opportunities to meet business professionals with marketing degrees and build their networks.

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Get Quality Learning Beyond the Classroom

Internships provide you with on-the-job experience, career-ready skills and professional networking opportunities while earning course credit toward your BBA. Many internships are paid and often lead to full-time jobs for graduates with a marketing degree. Through meaningful engagement with dynamic business communities, our accredited degree program offers a variety of internship opportunities. In the past, marketing majors have worked everywhere from Enterprise Rental Car to the Dallas Stars professional hocky team.

What Classes Will You Take as a Marketing Student?

Our curriculum combines core management courses with numerous specialized electives in a flexible program design that allows you to choose half of your master's degree course work. Core course work includes leadership development, strategic business planning, managerial statistics and business analytics. A sampling of topics in the specialized concentrations include social media analytics, new communication technology, intercultural technical writing, grant and proposal writing, managing information systems, law for sport and recreation, econometrics and sports finance.

Some of the concentrations have an optional thesis track, which allows you to design and conduct your own research project that enhances your business management and leadership experience and can help you prepare for doctoral degree programs.

View all required classes for the management master’s degree.

How Do You Get Started on Your Bachelor's Degree in Marketing?

Take the next step toward earning your bachelor's degree in marketing. We have the resources to help you get started.


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