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B.A.A.S. in Kinesiology


The distinguishable feature of applied degree programs is that degree credit may be awarded for prior learning experiences. The BAAS in Kinesiology is an alternative pathway to the bachelor’s degree for students who have acquired substantial content knowledge and requisite skills as a result of documentable technical training and professional work experience in a field or fields related to Kinesiology. Students and prospective students with such experience are encouraged to disclose this information to academic advisors and/or contact the program coordinator directly.

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the study of human movement and encompasses a diverse group of academic sub-disciplines, including exercise science, sport management, human performance, physical education, biomechanics, human ergonomics, recreation, sport performance, wellness and more.

A cornerstone of the kinesiology discipline is the psychomotor domain of learning. At Tarleton, our undergraduate students majoring in kinesiology learn by doing through a variety of service-learning projects and high-impact practices that are embedded in the curriculum. Opportunities such as these prepare you for jobs related to movement and health. Texas is experiencing a shortage of workers in several kinesiology-related fields, such as coaching. Graduates with bachelor's degrees in kinesiology have an advantage over job candidates with two-year associate degrees and are getting paid really well for their knowledge, skills and experience. A BS degree in kinesiology can open up opportunities for career promotions, particularly for EMTs or paramedics and fire academy graduates who are looking to move up in rank.

What Can You Do With Your Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology?

With marketable and employable job skills, from design and technical skills to communication and problem-solving skills, you'll be prepared to work in a variety of fields related to sport, exercise science, human performance and allied health. Our kinesiology majors work for elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, sport commissions, club and professional sports organizations, nonprofit organizations, country clubs, municipalities and more.

Several of our concentrations are also great stepping stones to professional school programs such as physical or occupational therapy and exercise physiology or graduate degrees such as Tarleton's MS in KinesiologyMS in Athletic Training or EdD in Educational Leadership.

Why Major in Kinesiology?

We offer a variety of opportunities to learn by serving others, participate in the process of creating new knowledge, build an extensive peer and professional network, master knowledge and skills through practical application and customize your degree program.


  • Athletic Training is an accelerated program that allows you to complete a BS in Kinesiology with an Athletic Training concentration plus the MSAT degree within five years and become eligible for state and national athletic training certification.
  • Exercise and Allied Health Professions prepares you for professional school programs such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, athletic training, chiropractic medicine and physician assistant, as well as careers in clinical exercise physiology or cardiac rehabilitation.
  • Fitness, Athletic and Strength Training allows you to earn certification in sports nutrition, personal training, strength and conditioning, group exercise, special populations and corrective exercise.
  • Coaching, Athletic Administration and Recreation develops your knowledge and skills in coaching at all levels of a sport, as well as supporting the administrative aspects of sport organizations, preparing you for a career in one of many professional fields that are focused on physical activity.
  • Exercise and Sport Studies is designed to allow you, with the help of academic advisers, to customize your program to meet your career interests and goals.
  • Physical Education Teacher Education prepares you for Texas Teacher Certification in All-Level Physical Education, which will allow you to teach and coach in Texas public schools at the EC–12 level.



  • Coaching
  • Fitness
  • Kinesiology (Generalist)
  • Wellness (Fall 2021)

Plan Your Future

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

A B.A.A.S. in Kinesiology is designed for hardworking students that want to learn the skills they will need in today’s competitive job market. A Kinesiology degree opens career opportunities such as:

  • Teaching
  • Athletic training
  • Coaching
  • Fitness professional
  • Athletic administration
  • Occupational therapist
  • Physical therapist
  • Clinical exercise physiologist
  • Recreation administration
Two male students helping older man on a bike.

Real Experience

Kinesiology majors must earn a total of 15 Professional Development (PD) points before completing student teaching or an internship. Points may be earned in different categories with a maximum of 5 points per category. After earning the require PD points, students must also complete the internship and/or student teaching requirement before graduation. This will ensure that all students gain professional, hands-on experience in their desired area of Kinesiology.

Learn more about PD points.

Career Service

Career Services

Career Services offers students a wide variety of professional development opportunities that can translate into careers. A few of these programs include:

  • Career counseling and My Plan
  • DEI - Delta Epsilon Iota, Career Services Honor Society
  • Handshake
  • Mock interviews
  • Resume assistance

And much more!

Program Objectives

  1. Oral Communication: Students will present a professional presentation.
  2. Written Communication: Students will prepare professional written documents.
  3. Ethics: Students will analyze ethical dilemmas to make appropriate decisions.
  4. Critical Thinking: Students will solve problems specific to Kinesiology
  5. Technology: Students will use technology commonly used in Kinesiology and related fields.
  6. Global: Students will apply a global perspective to make decisions.
  7. Discipline: Students will demonstrate an understanding of discipline-specific knowledge.

Coursework Highlights

Class Number Class Name
KINE 1219 Conditioning and Fitness
KINE 1264 Wellness
KINE 1301 Foundations of Kinesiology
KINE 3310 Tests & Measurements
KINE 3330 Motor Behavior (WI)
KINE 3360 Sports Nutrition (WI)
KINE 3370 Physiology of Exercise
KINE 3380 Adapted Physical Activity
KINE 3390 Kinesiology
KINE 4305 Capstone in Kinesiology

For more information on course selection, please refer to the university catalog.

How Do You Get Started on Your Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology?

Take the next step toward earning your bachelor's degree in kinesiology. We have the resources to help you get started.

Kinesiology Schools

With two departments, six concentrations and three minors, Tarleton’s School of Kinesiology has a proud tradition of excellence, as well as a culture of community and teamwork.

Facilities and Features

Champions Club shop

Champions' Club

The Champions' Club has a laid back and inviting atmosphere for students to relax between classes. This club offers the following amenities for all Kinesiology students:

  • Space for meetings and/or receptions for student organizations
  • Computer stations
  • Internship opportunities
Trainer helping student use a mask on.

Clinical Exercise Research Facility

The Clinical Exercise Research Facility (CERF) is a great way to gain real experience. The primary objective of CERF is training students for professions in clinical, corporate, and research settings in exercise science as well as other allied health professions. A secondary objective is to provide service that are comprehensive, cost effective, and satisfactory in meeting the needs of the client.

Laboratory for Wellness and Motor Behavior

Laboratory for Wellness and Motor Behavior

The Tarleton State University Laboratory for Wellness and Behavior prepares students for careers in the emerging field of exercise and wellness for those with physical disabilities. The program is open to anyone desiring to gain the benefits of physical training. To learn more,visit the LWMB website

Texan Corps Cadets standing in football arena holding flags.

Texan Corps of Cadets

The Texan Corps of Cadets are instilled with values that are essential for the service of our nation, and are exceptionally qualified to succeed in several areas of business, government, and the military. Corps members can benefit from scholarships, corporate internships, and graduation reward opportunities, as well as with the option to minor in Leadership Studies.

Learn more about the Texan Corps of Cadets.

What Bachelor's Degrees are Related to Kinesiology?

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