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Estimated Completion

120 credit hours (4 years)

Application Process

  1. Admission to Tarleton State University - Undergraduate Studies


Locations Available

  • 1Admission to the off-campus locations such as Fort Worth, Midlothian, Waco, and Online require a minimum of 30 transferable credit hours, a 2.0 GPA and that a student be TSI complete.



B.A.A.S. in Information Technology


Our Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree in Information Technology is designed for students who have a significant amount of training and experience in IT related areas. This degree will provide students with various opportunities to learn the skills that are necessary for academic advancement while completing their education, as well as employment opportunities and career advancement after graduation.

Our BAAS-IT program is designated as a STEM program as defined by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This designation has a direct impact on international students interested in these programs as it allows those with F-1 visas to remain in the United States after graduation for an additional 24 months under the optional practical training STEM extension. This extension makes it possible for students to undertake practical training for a total of 36 months. If this is of interest to you, reach out to the International Programs office for more detail and enroll today!

Designed With You in Mind

Given that the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Computer and Information Systems Managers job outlook is poised to grow 15% (much faster than average) from 2014 to 2024, it is a great time to be looking at information technology as a major. Our program focuses on preparing already technologically trained students to meet the demands of the increasing Information Technology industry. We also offer credit hours to students who have approved technical training.

Technology Specialization


  • Must be related to subject matter taught in the CIS department
  • Must be related to the work if it is to be submitted for credit
  • Must be documented (transcripts, certificate of completion, employer training records, etc.)
  • 15 hours training equals 1 semester hour equivalent.

Related Coursework

  • Must be technology related coursework
  • Can be from any 2 or 4-year college courses, continuing education, or military schools
  • Each credit hour course work equals one semester hour equivalent.


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Plan Your Future

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Career Opportunities

Our graduates have gone on to work for many major businesses and corporations located throughout the United States, as well as in other countries. Some of our graduates have worked in positions such as:

  • Database Administrator
  • Control Analyst
  • Web Programmer
  • IT Specialist
  • Computer Analyst
Dr. Del Nagy

Faculty Spotlight

Meet Dr. Del Nagy, one of our outstanding BCIS faculty. Bringing practical work experience in to the classroom, Dr. Nagy teaches a lot of our systems analysis and design classes as well as our database classes. He works individually with students on research projects and is one of our faculty sponsors for our AITP chapter, our student organization for CIS students. Dr. Nagy has a passion for what he does and brings an energy level that helps drive and motivate students.

Watch our Faculty Spotlight video and learn more about Dr. Nagy.

Ms. Virginia Zubik

Program Advising

COBA has advisors here to help you with all your advising needs. From helping you to determine the best sequence of courses to take to registering for classes and transferring credit, our advisors can take care of you. Reach out to them or stop by their office, located in the Business Building.

For more information, email or call Ms. Nancy Turner.

Career Service

Career Services

Ms. Kathryn Copeland is located right here in the College of Business Administration, Room 185C. Reach out and work with her to improve your resume, conduct mock interviews, attend etiquette dinners, as well as find out important information and prepare for job fairs and other employment opportunities.

Program Objectives

  • Prepare students to communicate and give effective, persuasive presentations.
  • Prepare students to communicate through preparation of effective and thorough written documentation.
  • Prepare students to think critically when solving business problems.
  • Prepare students with knowledge that is specific to the discipline, which will ensure their success in an information technology career.

Coursework Highlights

Class Number Class Name
BCIS 3333 C# Programming
BCIS 3347 Data Communications
BCIS 3389 System Analysis and Design
BCIS 4301 Database Theory and Practice
BCIS 4320 Computer Forensics
BCIS 4350 Management Information Systems

The total Information Technology Specialization hours must equate to a minimum of 33 semester hour equivalents in order to be eligible for the BAAS degree. All 33 hours may come from technical training (non-transferable coursework, continuing education, military schools, etc.) OR the Occupational Specialization may come from a combination of technical training and work experience (maximum of 21 hours allowable for work experience.

For more information, refer to the online catalog.

Facilities and Features

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Software for Students

Students in our program have access to memberships in the Microsoft Academic Alliance, which allows the following software to be used both in class and at home at no cost:

  • Windows Server
  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1
  • Visual Studio.NET
  • SharePoint Designer
  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft Project
  • Visio Professional

And many more!

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The Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) prepares students for a career in the Information Technology field, as well as provide the opportunity to meet professionals and network within the industry. AITP also provide professional development through:

  • Leadership opportunities
  • Resume workshops
  • Fundraising opportunities
  • Job site visits
  • Regional and national competitions

And much more! 

Contact Dr. Del Nagy or Mr. Art Dearing for more information about our AITP chapter.

Sangeeta Jina, former IT student

Student Spotlight

Meet Ms. Sangeeta Jina, M.S., one of our former international undergraduate and graduate students. Ms. Jina has been able to apply her skills and education in order to get a job after graduation. But, don't take our word for it. Listen to what she has to say about her experiences here at Tarleton State University, our program, our faculty, and advise on being successful in your studies as one of our students.