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Estimated Completion

120 credit hours (4 years)

Application Process


Locations Available

  • 1Admission to the off-campus locations requires a minimum of 30 transferable credit hours, a 2.0 GPA and that a student be TSI complete.



B.A.A.S. in Business


The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS) degree in Business is designed to provide a broad-based curriculum alternative to Learners. The program utilizes prior business-related technical or vocational coursework, documented employer training records, continuing education credits, or certifications as sources of credit. Documented Military courses or training and related transcripts can also qualify students for this program. The program is intended to allow students seeking a bachelor's degree to complete coursework quickly.

Each prospective BAAS student is evaluated individually to determine eligibility for the degree program. Prior learning credits can account for 12 to 33 of the 120 credit hours required for this program. Students must qualify with a minimum of 12 semester credit hour equivalents of technical/vocational or training to pursue this degree program. Our program will equip students with the necessary skills for success in today's competitive workplace. 

Designed with You in Mind

The program is designed for students who desire a bachelor's degree for self-enrichment, advancement in their current career, or interest in pursuing one of Tarleton's Graduate degrees.

Jump Right In

Whether your career started with military specialization, a technical program, career training, or professional certification, Tarleton recognizes that higher education happens outside the classroom. The hours and training will be evaluated to determine the number of college credits earned. 

What credits transfer?

  • Coursework must be related to the subject matter taught in the COB. It must be documented (transcripts, certificate of completion, employer training records, etc.) Each prospective BAAS student is evaluated individually to determine eligibility for the degree program.
  • If you are core complete (or component area complete) at another Texas public college or university, you will be considered core complete at Tarleton
  • A maximum of 90 credit hours can be applied to a 120-credit hour bachelor's degree
  • View the B.A.A.S. Business degree advising guide under the College of Business 


Prior Learning Coursework Highlights

Hours Group
42 General Education Requirements
12-33 Business/Technical/Vocational/Military/Certification
0-24 Electives*
75 Total General Education and Prior Learning

* Students who qualify with less than 33 hours Prior Learning Credits will need sufficient elective hours to reach the 120 hours required.

Business Coursework Highlights

Class Number Class Name
75 Total General Education and Prior Learning  
3 ACCT  3300 Accounting Concepts
3 BCIS  1305 Business Computer Applications
3 BCIS  4350 Management Information Systems
3 BUSI  2301 Business Law I
3 BUSI  2311 Business Statistics
3 BUSI  3312 [WI] Business Communication
3 BUSI  4344 Introduction to International Business
3 BUSI  4359 [WI] Business Strategy
3 ECON  2301 [shared] Principles of Macroeconomics
3 FINC  3301 Principles of Financial Management
3 MGMT  3300 Principles of Management
3 MKTG  3312 Marketing
12 Advanced Electives* from ACCT, ADMS, BCIS, ECON, FINC, BUSI, BLAW, REST, MGMT, MKTG  
45 Business Focus  
120 Total  

WI-Writing Intensive Shared – The program requires this course as part of the General Ed Requirements.

For more information on courses, please refer to the university catalog.


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Plan Your Future

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Career Opportunities

A B.A.A.S. degree in Business is designed for hardworking individuals that desire to learn the skills they will need in today's competitive job market. This degree offers many different career opportunities including:

  • Management
  • Business communications
  • Human relations
  • Leadership positions
Students in one of their study abroad trips.

Real Experience

This degree program offers a variety of hands-on experience through student organizations such as Delta Mu Delta, Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), and Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO). In addition, the College of Business provides several study abroad opportunities to countries such as, Ireland, Austria, and Italy.

Student talking to an employer at a Career Fair.

Career Services

Career Services offers students a wide variety of professional development opportunities that can translate into careers. A few of these programs include:

  • Career counseling and My Plan
  • Handshake
  • Mock Interviews
  • Resume Assistance

And much more!

Facilities and Features

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Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization

CEO is an organization with more than 500 chapters on campuses throughout the world. It is a student organization that offers excellent networking opportunities and serves as an informational resource for prospective entrepreneurs.

Members of Delta Mu Delta

Delta Mu Delta

Delta Mu Delta is an honor society for students who are pursuing a business-related degree. Becoming a member of Delta Mu Delta is an honor indicative of earnest, intelligent purpose and rewarding achievement.

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Society for Human Resource Management

The Tarleton State University - Cross Timbers SHRM chapter is affiliated nationally with the Society for Human Resource Management. SHRM serves the needs of human resource management professionals through the most advanced resources available.