Business, B.A.A.S

The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree is intended primarily for people who have a significant amount of technical and vocational training coupled with work experience and need to earn a four-year bachelor’s degree in order to advance in their careers.

Geographic Information Systems, B.A.A.S.

The Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a 120 credit hour program that teaches students how to think geographically, how to use geographic computer software programs (such as ArcGIS), and how to create maps and databases to solve contemporary world issues such as global climate change and resource management.

Public Administration, B.A.A.S.

The Bachelor of Arts and Applied Sciences in Public Administration equips students with knowledge and skills that cover a wide range of topics and disciplines related to the public sector. Students acquire knowledge about government bodies and agencies, including municipal, state and federal operations in areas such as intergovernmental relations, human resource management, public policy and budgeting and finance.