B.S. in Applied Science


The Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Science (B.S. Applied Science) with concentrations in Business Administration or Psychological Sciences provides a broad-based curriculum alternative to Learners. The program utilizes prior technical or vocational coursework, documented employer training records, continuing education credits, certifications, or education preparation. Documented Military courses or training and related transcripts can also qualify students for this program. The program is intended to allow students seeking a bachelor’s degree to complete coursework quickly.

Each prospective B.S. Applied Science student is evaluated individually to determine eligibility for the degree program. Prior learning credits can account for 12 to 36 of the 120 credit hours required for this program. Students must qualify with a minimum of 12 semester credit hour equivalents of technical/vocational or training to pursue this degree program. Our program will equip students with the necessary skills for success in today’s competitive workplace.

Designed with You in Mind

The program is designed for students who desire a bachelor’s degree for self-enrichment, advancement in their current career, or interest in pursuing one of Tarleton’s Graduate degrees.

Jump Right In

Whether your career started with military specialization, a technical program, career training, or professional certification, Tarleton recognizes that higher education happens outside the classroom. The hours and training will be evaluated to determine the number of college credits earned.

What credits transfer?

  • If you are core complete (or component area complete) at another Texas public college or university, you will be considered core complete at Tarleton
  • A maximum of 90 credit hours can be applied to a 120-credit hour bachelor’s degree
  • View the Applied Science degree advising guides under the College of Business.

Estimated Completion

120 credit hours (4 years)

Application Process

  1. Admission to Tarleton State University – Undergraduate Studies


Locations Available



Prior Learning Coursework Highlights

42General Education Requirements
12-36Occupational Specialization
0-24Advanced Concentration or Specialization Specific Electives*
78Total General Education and Prior Learning

* Students who qualify with less than 36 hours Prior Learning Credits will need sufficient elective hours to reach the 120 hours required.

Business Administration Concentration

The B.S. Applied Science with a Business Administration concentration provides a broad-based education focusing on business knowledge and practices. Business coursework is paired with Occupational Specialization, military credits and/or vocational training to enrich the program with hands-on experience. Vocational coursework and/or training can be from any vocation; a business-related vocation is not required. Through hands-on academic advising, learners can often tailor elective coursework to meet career objectives

Business Administration Coursework

78 Total General Education and Occupational Specialization

Hours Course NumberClass Name
3BUSI 3312 [WI]Business Communication
3BUSI 4398Capstone for Applied Science
3MGMT 3302Human Resource Management
3MGMT 3350Organization Behavior
3MGMT 4307 [WI]Business Ethics
12Advanced Electives 
42Total BUSI Admin 
120Total Degree Hours 

WI-Writing Intensive

Psychological Sciences Concentration

Students in the psychological sciences concentration within the B.S. Applied Science degree program will complete coursework representing the foundational subfields within the field of psychology. Specifically, students will complete course work on the history of psychology, human learning, writing in psychology, statistics, and research. Students may also choose among courses in the broad areas of the field, including:

  • Developmental
  • Cognitive
  • Personality/abnormal
  • Social
  • Neuropsychology
  • Cultural study abroad coursework

Graduates of this program will possess knowledge of the major theories and research findings related to human behavior.

Psychology Coursework

78 Total General Education and Occupational Specialization

HoursCourse NumberClass Name
3MATH 1314 [shared]College Algebra
3PHIL 1301Introduction to Philosophy
3PSYC 2301 [shared]General Psychology
3PSYC 2317Statistical Methods in Psychology
PSYC 3301Psychology of Learning
3PSYC 3309 [WI]Writing in Psychology
4PSYC 3435 [WI]Principles of Research for the Behavioral Sciences
3PSYC 4320History of Psychology
11Adv PSYC Electives 
12Advanced Electives  
42Total Psychology 
120Total Degree Hours 

WI-Writing Intensive

Shared – this course is taken as part of the General Education Requirements


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