B.S. in Agricultural Services and Development


The Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Services and Development is a flexible program that provides the option to pick a specialized aspect of the agriculture industry. The same basic agriculture courses are required but become more centered around the concentration that you choose to follow. There are three concentrations currently offered:

  1. Agricultural Science with Teacher Certification
  2. Agricultural Communication
  3. Agri-industries and Agencies

Program Objectives

  • The Agriculture Science with Teacher Certification concentration provides students with the skills and knowledge that are necessary to become a teacher of Agricultural Science or related subject matter in public schools or pursue employment with governmental and agricultural businesses and industries.
  • The Agricultural Communication concentration provides students with a solid foundation in both agricultural knowledge and communication skills.
  • The Agri-industries & Agencies concentration prepares students for a career in agricultural business, industry, agriculture extension, and government agency settings.

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Coursework Highlights

ClassNumberClass Name
AGSD2311Applied Agricultural Analysis
AGSD3101Analysis of Agricultural Occupations
AGSD3302Agricultural Sales and Services
AGSD3307Land Surveying and Soil/Water Conservation Practices
AGSD4310Leadership Development
AGSD4350Animal Related Systems
HORT4350Retail Horticulture

For more information on courses, please refer to the university catalog.


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