Mathematics, M.S.

The Master of science degree in Mathematics is 30 credit hours and has three fields that you can specialize in (Data Mining, Pure and Applied Mathematics, and Mathematics Education). It is designed to enhance and enrich training in the field of mathematics.

Mechanical Engineering, B.S.

The Mechanical Engineering program offered by the School of Engineering at Tarleton State University evolved from the Engineering Physics degree and was approved in January 2017. The includes a breadth of Mechanical Engineering topics such as: Mechanical System Design, Thermal-fluid System Design, Electromechanical System Design Control and Automation Design. Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering program will possess in-depth knowledge, skills and experiences to design innovative solutions, use modern analytical tools and techniques, communicate professionally and work in a team environment.

Mechanical Engineering, M.S.

The MEEN-MS program is an industry-focused, practice-oriented degree that will deepen mechanical engineering skills in design, manufacturing, controls, robotics, energy, sustainability, and much more. What sets our program apart is its strong emphasis on integrating applied mechanics, computer simulations, design, and energy science and technology. The graduate program provides a strengthened technical background for mechanical engineering and other multidisciplinary problems that we intend to use as a thread in the curriculum.