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laptop with canvas open

Canvas is here! Canvas will be replacing Blackboard as Tarleton's learning management tool.

engineering building

Tarleton opens high-tech Engineering Building on Stephenville campus.

Texan Rider wooden desktop wallpaper

Show your Tarleton spirit by downloading our mobile and desktop wallpapers. There are a variety for you to choose from!

student using music board
The Department of Fine Arts will be offering a minor in Music Business this fall! Learn about how this minor can pair with your major.

Frequently Asked Tarleton Questions

Although you are a student at Tarleton, you might still have some questions. Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below. 

Q: Where is the financial aid office located?

A: You can find financial aid, scholarships, Veteran’s Services and more in the Tarleton Center. Just remember to check in at the desk.

Q: Do I have to live on-campus?

A: Students with less than 60 hours are required to live on campus in most cases. Contact Residential Living & Learning for more details.

Q: How do I log into Canvas?

A: Select “Login” in the main navigation of Tarleton’s website. Choose “Canvas” and follow the provided directions.

Q: When is homecoming week?

A: Homecoming will start with the Lighting of the Smoke Stack and end with the Texan Football game. This year we will celebrate the week of traditions from October 13 through the 19. See more homecoming details.

Q: What is Duo-Authentication?

A: Duo is a two-factor authentication that strengthens access security by requiring two methods to verify your identity. Learn more about DUO.

Q: How do I know where to park?

A: Check out our parking map. If you are an on-campus resident, you can park in the red or green zones. If you are a commuter, you can park in the purple or green zones.

Q: What is the Food Pantry?

A: The Tarleton Food Pantry offers confidential and discreet service to Tarleton’s Stephenville campus. Card swipe access with a Tarleton ID is required and allows for easy, discreet shopping any time the Thompson Student Center is open.

Q: Where can I check how many dining dollars I have left?

A: The amount of dining dollars you have left can be found on the Tarleton Mobile App, as well as, class schedule, grades, map and more.

Q: Where is the Texan Card office?

A: The Texan Card office is located on the third floor of the Thompson Student Center. You can also find The Source and Career Services there as well.

Q: How many students are enrolled at Tarleton?

A: 13,011. Want to learn more about Tarleton? Check out our “About” page.

Q: Do students have to pay to go to Tarleton Athletics games?

A: No, Tarleton students get into games free with their Texan card.




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Current student Katelyn Vinson smiling by the John Tarleton Statue
My favorite tradition at Tarleton is all of homecoming week, I love it because of the memories that are made. Every year the memories are always different even though homecoming is all traditions.

Katelyn Vinson