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Institute for Homeland Security and International Criminal Justice Studies

Focus of study on topics related to homeland security, terrorism, national intelligence, and foreign relations. This particular focus would also have a global implication related to the academic and practical study of international criminal justice issues. This would allow for partnerships to take place with countries such as South Korea, Spain, England, to name a few. It is anticipated that these partnerships would invite grant funding and research opportunities some of which may involve the U.S. State Department and other governmental entities.

Institute for Predictive and Analytical Policing Science

The focus is on the predictability of crime as it relates to police service. Specifically, this institute would focus on the study and analysis of crime patters with the intent of providing policing professionals with the ability of predicting crime. The implications are practical and economic in nature and the impact this would have on municipalities is expected to be significant. This area of study falls in line with current innovative policing practices throughout the world, that focus on predictability/data mining approaches towards crime.

Institute for Criminal Justice Leadership and Public

This particular institute would focus on providing a focus on leadership and public policy issues. Particularly, this field of study would allow for criminal justice agency professionals to develop a specialization on leadership organizational issues as these pertain to criminal justice operations and functional components. Special emphasis would be placed on organizational psychology and public policy issues.