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Institute for Predictive and Analytical Policing Science

police car with lights

Institute's Mission

The Institute is committed to foster and promote education and evidence-based research in the field of predictive policing. Predictive policing is the application of analytical quantitative techniques to identify likely targets for police intervention and prevent crime or solve past crimes by making statistical predictions.

The Institute strives to be a model for the university-community engagement. We partner with law enforcement agencies to conduct training for crime analysts and carry out research to deliver actionable intelligence to law enforcement communities.

Institute's activities

  • conduct training for crime analyst on cutting-edge technology in the field of predictive policing
  • provide undergraduate and graduate students with skills necessary to became a crime analyst
  • support faculty and graduate students' needs for research that uses methods of predictive policing
  • conduct research projects in partnership with the law enforcement agencies in need for actionable intelligence based on methods of predictive policing
  • facilitate research seminars on various topics of predictive and analytical policing sciences