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Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff members on a university campus are in a special position. They often have the most influential, ongoing, and direct contact with students. This puts them in a great position to notice students who are struggling. Sometimes the best option is a referral to campus resources like Student Counseling Services (SCS). Your referrals are appreciated, and we are available to consult with you about your students. Ethically, however, we cannot divulge any information we receive from our students/clients without written permission from the student.

Identifying Students Who May Benefit from a Referral
How to Make a Referral to SCS
Consultation Services
What is the CARE Team? Can I refer a student to this group?
Don't Cancel that Class


Student Counseling Services is happy to come present to your class over a variety of topics, so the class does not have to be canceled. This program is available for teachers, as well as other organizations on campus. Please fill out the form below, or give us a call at 254-968-9044 to schedule a presentation.

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