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Foster Care Alumni

Programming for Tarleton students who exited the Foster Care System upon High School graduation.

What is the Driven program?

  • Student Counseling Services offers specialized services for those who exited the foster care system upon high school graduation and qualify for the Education and Training Voucher Program. 
  • The Driven program provides a community and connections with campus resources based on a wellness model including goal setting, personal counseling, self-awareness, time management, communication skills, healthy relationships, and self-care. 
  • The Driven Program pairs foster care alumni with peers and professional staff to ensure they meet their educational goals. 

Who may qualify for this program?

Students who exited the Foster Care System upon high school graduation and meet the following requirements as stated by the Education and Training Voucher Program may be eligible for the Driven Program:

  • Youth in foster care who are at least 16 and are likely to remain in care until 18; or
  • Youth who ages out of foster care but have not yet turned 21
  • Youth who were adopted from foster care after turning 16 and are not yet 21
  • Youth who entered Permanency Care Assistance after age 16 but have not yet turned 21
  • Youth who are in custody of the Texas Juvenile Department (formerly Texas Juvenile Probation Commission) and are in a Title IV-E placement that receives IV-E payments when turning 18
  • Tribal youth or young adults in tribal foster care
  • The above eligible students who moved out of state to attend school but were originally enrolled in ETV in Texas.

If you are still in high school, please talk to your high school counselor for more information. 

Resources available to students in the program

  • Student Counseling Services 
    • Confidential counseling, clinical assessment and referrals, crisis management, psychiatric services, academic skills counseling, and psychoeducation.
  • Center for Access and Academic Testing
    • Proctoring tests, providing adaptive technology demonstrations, orientations, and consulting with university faculty and staff on disability-related matters.
  • Health Center
    • Immunizations, Physicals, Walk-in Clinic, STI Testing, and Women’s Issues
  • Driven Program
    • Social and community support to enhance learning opportunities for first generation college students
  • Tarleton State University Food Pantry
    • Provides students with nutritious food at no cost to the student
  • Career Closet
    • Clothing from Career Services Career Closet is available for many career-related purposes. Professional, Business Casual, and Casual Attire for all genders.
  • Transportation
    • with prior arrangement, transportation locally can be provided through the Driven Program.
  • Academic Resource Center
    • Tutoring- one on one peer tutoring; Supplemental Instruction- Peer led group instruction; Writing Center- Writing assistance from developmental education.