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Survivor Advocacy


Providing on-campus resources & support for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking & harassment.

What does a survivor advocate do?
  • Provide confidential support to survivor
  • Help with immediate safety needs and safety planning
  • Explain reporting options, including reports to the University (Title IX) or law enforcement
  • Provide support through Title IX and / or criminal processes if a survivor chooses to pursue them
  • Explain medical options; help survivors access medical care
  • Help connect with community resources such as Cross Timbers Family Services
  • Assist with on-campus accommodations 
  • Provide psychoeducation on trauma
  • Help survivors prepare for discussions with loved ones
Who do we serve?


  • Any student who has dealt with sexual assault, domestic violence, harassment, and / or stalking
  • It doesn't matter when the harm occurred - sometimes students struggle with something that happened before arriving at Tarleton

Faculty / Staff Consultations

  • We can visit about students of concern, how to support survivors, etc
  • We can provide information, presentations, materials, etc. for your classes
Why do we serve?
  • Trauma disrupts every facet of a person's life
  • It can be challenging to concentrate on academics when wrestling with the aftermath of violence
  • We want to keep our survivors in school, working toward their dream of an education
  • Violence is wrong. Period. Survivors deserve support with getting their lives back on track and healing from harm. We can help with that process
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Report Sexual Assault


You do not have to go through this alone. Call us at 254-968-9044 to schedule an appoint with a survivor advocate today. 

Click here to report a sexual assault
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24-Hour Crisis Help


There is someone to help you 24 hours a day

Click here for 24-hour help
Collaborative Partners
ProtoCall- 24 Hour Answering Service
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