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Students are required to seek advising by Faculty Advisors regarding coursework, certification and licensing requirements, program policies and procedures, requesting changes in degree plans, and assistance with other educational or career needs. Students are assigned a Faculty Advisor based on the student's last name and campus location.

To contact faculty members and receive important emails from the Department of Counseling, students must use their account.

Stephenville Advising
Cohort Advisor
2019-2020 Dr. Blanco
2016-2018 Dr. Merriman
Fort Worth Advising
Cohort Advisor
2019-2020 (A-M) Dr. Munsey
2019-2020 (N-Z) Dr. Manning
2016-2018 Dr. Munsey
Waco Advising
Students' Last Initial Advisor
A-Z Dr. Wilder

Effective Spring 2017, advising holds will routinely be placed on student accounts until they have seen their Faculty Advisors.

Advising Guides