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TWC Summer Camps

Photos from residential summer camps for high achieving high school students interested in physics, computer science and environmental engineering funded by the Texas Workforce Commission.

2010 Summer Camp

Star Party 

Friday Night Star Party at Observatory 


Moon During the Star Party

 Student Using Telescope

 Viewing Saturn at the Star Party


Dr. Goderya Helping a Student

Dr. Marble

Dr. Marble Helping a Student

Star Party

Dr. Hibbs at the Star Party

Radio Telescope

Jake Rhodes and the Radio Telescope 

Dr. Marble

Dr. Marble at the Star Party


Court and the Radio Telescope


Campers Controlling Telescope at Star Party


It Is Getting Late at the Star Party

 Big Rocks

Saturday Picnic at Big Rocks in Glen Rose  

Big Rocks

Wading in the Paluxy River at Big Rocks

Big Rocks

Headed Down River

Big Rocks

Climbing on the Rocks


Matt Brister in Environmental Engineering Lab

Environmental Engineering Campers

Environmental Engineering Campers

2011 Summer Camp


Camper Describe Operation of Tandem Accelerator To Parents and Siblings

Environmental Engineering

Camper Doing Environmental Engineering Lab Work

Medical Physics

Camper Describes the Physics of Vision


Barbeque Before a Star Party

 Making a Hologram

Campers Making a Transmission Hologram


Laser Table Holding Target and Film for Hologram

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SPS Meetings

  • 2/21, 3/5, 3/21, 4/2, 4/18, and 5/6

Star Parties

  • Spring: April 5 @ 9 PM 



  • Spring: No Dates Have Been Set