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Photos from various Texas Section of APS/AAPT and other state, national, and international conferences.

Summer 2007 National AAPT Meeting in Greensboro

Guilford Court House Battlefield in Grensboro, North Carolina

Guilford Court House in Greensboro, North Carolina

Duke University 

Duke University in Durham, North Carolina

Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Ruby Falls

Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, Tennessee

 Park in Tennessee

A park in Tennessee

 Helen Keller's House

Helen Keller's childhood home in Tuscumbia, Alabama

Spring 2008 Meeting at Corpus Christi

Columbus Fleet

Columbus' Fleet


View from Conference Hotel Room

Gregory Portland Bridge

Gregory Portland Bridge


U.S.S Lexington

Texas State Aquarium

Texas State Aquarium

Texas State Aquarium

Texas State Aquarium

Summer 2009 National AAPT Meeting<

Lincoln's House in Springfield 

Lincoln's Home in Springfield, Illinois

Lincoln's Grave

Lincoln's Grave in Springfield, Illinois

Museum of the Air Force

Museum of the Air Force in Dayton, Ohio


Missiles at the Museum of the Air Force

Armstrong Trainer

Neil Armstrong Ait and Space Museum in Ohio

Armstrong Air and Space Museum

Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum

Monmouth Cave

Monmouth Cave National Park, Monmouth, Kentucky

Spring 2011 Meeting at Nacogdoches

James Boshart

James Boshart describing his Astronomy research.

Hokr and Highland

Brett Hokr and Justin Highland in front of their research poster on particle modeling.

 Brett and Justin

Brett and Justin waiting for the poster session.

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SPS Meetings

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Star Parties

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