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FAQ for Students


Are the Duck Camp dates being impacted?
Are Texan Orientations being affected?
Are computer labs open?
How do I access my online/virtual classes?
Will there be accommodations for students with compromised immune systems?
Will I get a refund of tuition?
Will I receive a refund for not being able to access the student center, rec center, libraries, etc.?
Will my room and board be pro-rated?
How do I return a book I rented from the bookstore, now that I'm at home and classes are online?
How can I take the TSI, WritePlacer or math placement exams?


How do I know if a class has been moved online?
What if my class has a lab or requires performing rehearsals/participation in activities as part of the requirements?
Will exams and tests be administered online?
Can I decide to drop a class(s) or withdraw from all classes after trying to complete the semester online?
Will summer classes be affected?
Is the University's Testing Center open?
How can I access tutoring or supplemental instruction if I need help in my class(es)?

Campus Technology

Technology information can also be found on the technology website

Does the university have enough internet bandwidth to support moving so many classes to an online environment?
How can faculty and staff continue to communicate and work with students moving to online?
How are faculty and staff able to connect and work from home?
Will students living on campus have access to computers, printers and internet connectivity?

International Students

As an international student, may I travel internationally at this time?
Does the COVID-19 situation affect my immigration status?
I am currently outside the United States and cannot return because of the coronavirus. What should I do?
What can I do to support members of our university community from areas of the globe where coronavirus is present?

Events on Campus

Are there any events still planned to take place on campus?
Can student organizations still conduct meetings or host events on campus?

Health, Wellness and Prevention

How can I protect myself from the virus?
What if I experience COVID-19 like symptoms?
What do I do if I feel ill?
Should I wear a face covering?
How can I tell if I have the coronavirus?
What should I do if I have a cough?
What if my roommate has a cough?
Is Student Health Services open?

Travel and Study Abroad

What are the current restrictions related to travel?
What's the status of university-sponsored international travel and study aboard trips?

University Operations

What is the university doing for infection control and sanitation?
Are Tarleton's food pantries still open?
Will the university cancel classes?
If this outbreak continues, will the university close? What happens if I live on campus?