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FAQ for Faculty & Staff


What do I do if I feel ill?
Will there be accommodations for employees with compromised immune systems? Is there a form to request an alternate work schedule and/or location?
Where can I find more guidance?

Campus Technology

Technology information can also be found on the technology website

Does the university have enough internet bandwidth to support moving so many classes to an online environment?
How can faculty and staff continue to communicate and work with students moving to online?
How are faculty and staff able to connect and work from home?
Will students living on campus have access to computers, printers and internet connectivity?

Health, Wellness and Prevention

How can I protect myself from the virus?
What if I experience COVID-19 like symptoms?
Should I wear a face covering?
What if someone on-campus tests positive for COVID-19?
What should I do if I have symptoms associated with the coronavirus?
Is there an alternative to in-person appointments for simple, non-emergency medical and behavioral health conditions?
Do you have resources for faculty & staff regarding wellbeing?

Travel and Study Abroad

What are the current restrictions related to travel?

Events on Campus

Are there any events still planned to take place on campus?
Can student organizations still conduct meetings or host events on campus?

University Operations

What is the university doing for infection control?
What is the university doing to provide appropriate training to students, faculty and staff?
Will the university cancel classes?
Will May graduation take place?