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Desktop, tablet, and mobile phone

Speed Web Conversion Project

"Project Lightning"

University Web Strategy is working to accelerate the conversion of the entire Tarleton website to a new responsive format. The new format will ensure optimum display of Tarleton’s web content on any size or type of device — from small mobile phones to huge television screens.

Web Strategy’s goal is to complete the total conversion project very quickly: within six months. Thus, the name Project Lightning.

To meet such a quick deadline, content on all Tarleton websites is being moved “as-is” — no text updates or changes. Content strategy, reorganization, and aesthetic improvements will occur once Project Lightning is complete. 

Just before your site is converted, Web Strategy will “freeze” your content so that edits cannot be made with Cascade CMS. This will preserve the content’s integrity, keeping information intact during the conversion. You can expect to receive draft links before your responsive site goes live so that you may identify and correct errors. Once published, your department’s trained web editors will receive access to continue sprucing up the site.

Making Web Content Updates

  • Each university department/unit is responsible for performing their own web edits/updates. Web Strategy will still be available for complex updates that web editors do not have access to perform themselves. If you have not yet identified a web editor for your area, please do so immediately and have them contact us for training. 

Training for Web Editors

  • Responsive format: In-person training for the new responsive* format is required, even for those trained in the old-format. Group training is offered twice monthly. Email to request the training registration information. Responsive format editors must be faculty, staff, or a graduate assistant.
  • Old-format: Access can be granted to Cascade CMS immediately upon request for all old-format** pages. Training is not required, and web-based resources are provided. Old-format editors can be faculty, staff, graduate assistants or student workers.

We provide online training materials, including videos, on the Cascade Tutorial website.

** Old-format is identified as pages which have the gray header bar.
* Responsive (new) format is identified as pages which have the purple header bar.