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Service Day Walk to #ShadeOutDM

Corgi KC Rocks Her Shades
#ShadeOutDM mascot KC.
KC corgi in her cart
"KC loved to wear her Shades! Actually, she loved the "Oh how Cute" reaction that she got when she would dress up in her wheels, go swimming or ride her Chariot (stroller) with her Shades on." Tauni Backmann
Tarleton students show pictures of dogs
Tarleton students walked in the honor of a DM dog.
#ShadeoutDM donated swag
ShadeOutDM donated swag for the event!
Wesson's ride
Walk royalty Wesson had the coolest ride!
Students sitting
Tarleton students rest between walk rounds and show off their dogs.
DM booth infomation
#ShadeOutDM representative Cheryl Schuch set up a booth to share information.
Wesson and Roxy
"Walk royalty" Wesson (far left) and Roxie Hollywood (far right) joined our walk to help educate the community about DM. Here they hang out in their chill mobiles with Phantom.
Dr. Holley and Dr. Goen
Dr. Tracey Holley, co-chair of the #ShadeOutDM walk, and Dr. Karley Goen from the Department of Communication Studies share congratulations on the success of the event.
Corgis in carts with owners
Winner of the cart Phantom and walk royalty Roxie Hollywood chill in their rides.
Students walking in Jaycee park
Tarleton students, faculty, staff, and friends walking to #ShadeOutDM!
Corgis in cage
Millie and Casey came to help us #ShadeOutDM.
Thank you sign
Several local businesses and members of the Tarleton community donated to the cause.
Fluffy corgi
Fluffy corgis are always popular!
More walkers
More walkers join in the event.

Service Day 2021


Service Day 2021! Get your sunshades, put on your walking shoes, and grab a partner - human or canine and help us kick off our service day project, #ShadeOutDM!  The Department of Communication Studies fervently hopes you will join us and encourage your fellow students, family, friends, and community members to participate in spreading the word about DM – a 100% fatal and 100% preventable condition prevalent in over 100 breeds of dogs?  Just sign up for the Department of Communication Studies’ Race At Your Own Page service day walk to #ShadeOutDM.. 

Registration:  Tarleton students can sign up through GivePulse. For friends, family, and community members, a registration form is located here (COMING SOON!)

What is DM? Degenerative myelopathy (DM), also known as chronic degenerative radiculomyelopathy (CDRM), is a disease affecting the spinal cord, resulting in slowly progressive hind limb weakness and paralysis. The symptoms result from degeneration of the white matter of the spinal cord. DM is similar to some of the forms of human amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) more commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. (VCAHospitals)

What do you need to do? 

Before March 25th Register to receive a file containing information about your DM dog you will be walking for. Print your DM dog's picture to make a button or a sign to wear around your neck, or to tie onto your canine companion. Go as crazy as you’d like – decorate your dog, yourself, make a poster, whatever you feel will help spread the word about DM.

 On March 25th walk at your own pace – or run – and make a video or picture record of your “event.” The walk is virtual for social distancing – so please, if you walk with a friend, MASK UP! Walk anywhere you care to – at your home park, around your yard, in your livingroom - anywhere! During or after your walk, email to  Dr. Tracey Holley,, for posting on the departmental Facebook page for your service day credit and post your pics and/or TikToks or other videos to #ShadeOutDM Facebook page @, and/or post them on your own Twitter, TikTok, or Facebook account. Easy peasy! 



Service Day 2019

Over 200Tarleton students, faculty, staff, and community friends gathered at the Stephenville Jaycee City Park on Thursday, March 21 to help the Department of Communication Studies #ShadeOutDM. Attendees were encouraged to wear their shades - or put shades on their furry friends! - and join in the walk to spread the word about DM. Many Tarleton students wore a picture of a DM dog who has passed or is currently battling the devastating disease and walked in their honor.

Degenerative Myelopathy - DM- is the canine version of ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). DM is a debilitating disease that causes gradual paralysis, and eventually, death. DM is common in more than 100 breeds, including corgis, boxers, and pugs. There is; however, hope. DM is detectible through genetic testing, allowing breeders to remove affected dogs from breeding.

Along with KXTR Radio and several generous donors, the Department of Communication Studies organized the walk, gave out door prizes, and fed the masses!

Two DM dogs, Wesson and Roxy Hollywood attended the event, along with a #ShadeOutDM representative, to help spread the word and educate the community on the cause and prevention of DM.

Corgi Roxy in her cart

Roxie Hollywood, one of our 2019 #ShadeOutDM "walk royalty" has lost her brave battle with Degenerative Myelopathy. A feisty corgi, Roxie never let her dependence on a wheelchair stop her from getting where she wanted; she actually ran over one of the event coordinator's feet to get where she wanted to be! Her spirit and tenacity impressed the Tarleton students. The Department of Communication Studies extends its sincerest condolences to Roxie's furmom, Nanette. Thank you for bringing your special girl to our event to help us #ShadeOutDM. 

Wesson in his hot rod

Wesson, one of the DM dogs who came to share his story with the participants of the 2019 #ShadeOutDM walk, crossed the Rainbow Bridge earlier this summer. Wesson, who his furmom once referred to has her "brown clown" was brimming with a joyful spirit. Wesson met the Tarleton student walkers with a bright smile and was always up for a pat. His "I get around" video was one of the highlights of the event! The Department of Communication Studies thanks you, Chrissy, for sharing your special boy with us, and sends its condolences for your loss.