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real experimental learning internship education fund


Information for Students: 

Having an internship experience is a great way for a student to supplement their education as internships provide a number of benefits like resume’ material, portfolio building, networking, and more. While there are many paid internship opportunities, some internships are unpaid and completed for course credit only. For those who pursue an unpaid internship, the College of Liberal and Fine Arts is here to help and support you.

RELIEF (Real Experiential Learning Internship Education Fund) is an opportunity for students to receive funding to offset expenses associated with having an unpaid internship. Possible expenses might include travel to and from the job site, meals, and other incidental costs associated with interning. These funds will incentivize students to take on unpaid internships with the understanding that they may be able receive some financial support for their work.

Students can apply for awards of up to $750, but are only eligible for one (1) award. If selected, funds will be distributed directly to the awardee from Business Services. This is not a loan and the funds will not need to be paid back; however, those who receive funds have RELIEF funding added to their financial aid profile as a resource.

Students can only apply for funding during the semester in which they hold an unpaid internship. There is no application deadline, but students will need to apply before the end of the semester in which they intern. Applications will be reviewed by a committee of faculty members in the College of Liberal and Fine Arts who will then determine if any award is given and how much is awarded based upon the needs identified by the applicant.


  • enrollment in an academic program in the College of Liberal and Fine Arts
  • a verified unpaid internship
  • GPA of 2.5 or higher and in good standing with the university
  • demonstrate a need for funding
  • a completed application (see link below)

Information for RELIEF Partners

RELIEF is funded largely by the President’s Fund for Excellence but on-going donations will be accepted to continue to provide this opportunity for students. If you are interested in partnering with RELIEF in any way, please contact the RELIEF faculty sponsor, Dr. Cessna Winslow. There are several ways to partner such as sponsoring an unpaid internship in your organization or making a contribution to the RELIEF fund.