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  • Alexandria Duncan

    Alexandria Duncan

    “Tarleton is more than a university. Tarleton is a home where students, faculty and staff become lifetime friends and mentors.”  The atmosphere here at TSU is like a home, very welcoming and the gates are always open!

    At the moment, I am working for Facilities Services on campus and I plan to start working on my MBA (Masters of Business Administration). After earning my MBA I would like to work in either a hospital or clinic doing the business administration side of the business.

    There are many great professors at Tarleton. One of my favorites however is Reggie Hall. He teaches the management classes for the College of Business. I love his teaching style because he relates business situations to real world experiences so it was easy to make a connection and learn the material. Mr. Hall always believed in me and my future and that is something I will remember forever.

    Faculty and staff in the College of Business Administration are exceptional and I would definitely encourage other students to pursue one of the degrees offered from this college.

    Alexandria Nicole Duncan
    2013 Alumna, Business Administration
    Bluff Dale, TX

  • Dr. Joanna Shaw

    Dr. Joanna Shaw

    I feel completely privileged and honored to be a professor here at Tarleton. I feel that Tarleton is a special place that offers students a very personal and unique educational experience. Each time I begin a class, I ask my students a simple question: “What is the best thing that has happened to you since we last met for class?” So often their responses remind me of what a special place Tarleton is by voicing positive experiences they’ve had with faculty, staff, campus organizations, facilities and the food! My favorite part about teaching here is getting to know my students for who they are and helping them discover what they are passionate about.

    Tarleton State University’s College of Business Administration (COBA) offers undergraduate and graduate students high-quality, innovative, creative and relevant education in business disciplines. We serve a very diverse group of traditional and non-traditional students. As a professor in the Management, Marketing and Administrative Systems Department, I am committed to creating a learning environment that encourages each student to reach their full learning and scholarly potential.

    The College of Business Administration is also connected with the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) which is located at the Langdon Center in Granbury and serves 10 counties in North Texas. The SBDC creates a strong relationship between small businesses and student opportunities for direct interaction. We also have internship opportunities with Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Lockheed, Lowes, Wal-Mart, and JC Penney just to name a few.

    With nine active student organizations within COBA, multiple study abroad opportunities, and excellent faculty and staff, the College of Business Administration prepares students to meet the challenges and opportunities they will experience in a very global and diverse world.

    I am passionate about our students!

    Joanna Shaw, Ph.D.

    Department of Management, Marketing and Administrative Systems

    B.S. Tarleton State University
    M.S. Tarleton State University
    Ph.D. University of North Texas

    Office: College of Business 128
    Phone: 254-968-9087

  • Kylie Raab

    Kylie Raab

    There are two reasons why I chose to attend Tarleton State University. The first reason was because it was close to home and I would be able to live with my family, and be around them if anything happened. The second reason I chose Tarleton was because it was affordable. When I compared the cost of other colleges with Tarleton’s, it was obvious that the cost to attend Tarleton was more favorable.

    I decided to study Business Management because I feel like I can go farther. A business degree gives you a lot of opportunities to go places and work in different fields. Also, I am a Student Government Association Representative and member of Delta Mu Delta Honor Society

    What I want to do when I graduate is be a manager in the hotel industry. I have always liked working with people to accomplish goals that are set for the company, along with helping customers. The success of a hotel involves the efforts of the entire crew on how they perform the service and how they treat the customers.

    There are a lot of professors that I liked and really enjoyed being in their classes. But if I had to choose, I think my favorite teacher is our Business Law professor Mr. Judd Leach. He is a really cool teacher and his lectures are always interesting because he shares his past experiences in the lecture to help us understand the material.

    I would encourage students to pursue degrees in the College of Business Administration because the materials taught in classes like finance, accounting, marketing or computer classes you can use in daily life. When I took my accounting and finance classes it was difficult but I knew that I will have to use these in my future career and I can use them now. A lot of the business classes teach us about what is acceptable in the business world by sharing some the choices other companies have done and the consequences of their actions. Also the teachers have gained experience from other companies and share them with their students. It gives you a glimpse of what to expect when you get a job.

    Kylie Raab
    Senior, Business Management Major
    Stephenville, TX

  • Dr. Joseph Schuessler

    Dr. Joseph Schuessler

    Dr. Joseph Schuessler is an Assistant Professor in the CIS department. He received his PhD in Business Computer Information Systems from the University of North Texas where he also received a MS in Information Technology, MBA in Business Computer Information Systems, and a BBA in Strategic Management. 

    In his research, Dr. Schuessler is concerned in investigating the information systems security, privacy, and computer/network forensics. Areas of security, forensics, e-commerce, networking, and project management are topics in which he likes to teach. 

    Dr. Schuessler took a moment to answer a few questions about his passion for teaching at Tarleton's College of Business Administration.

    Why did you choose to teach at Tarleton?

    Being from north Texas, I could not wait for the opportunity to get back “home”. When this opportunity came up, I jumped at it. I had been here to Tarleton as a high school student attending a show at the union. I also had a friend in the department I was applying to whom I had gone to school with. So, it made sense on many different levels to make Tarleton “home”.

    What motivates you to teach?

    I love learning. In my eyes, the best way to do that is to teach. By having to teach a topic, I get to delve into the inner workings of things like networking, security, social media, emerging technologies and so on. It just does not get any better than that.

    What have been your most memorable moments while teaching at Tarleton State University?

    That’s hard to say. I think I am in the middle of making those moments. In our college, the College of Business, we are going through some exciting times as we seek to grow and improve. Honestly, I think that every day, we set the bar just a little bit higher and so it is tomorrow’s memorable moment that we are going after.

    Who inspires you and why?

    My family. My wife is an educator. We constantly swap notes and share experiences and learn from each other. I find myself routinely relating stories and anecdotes that my dad always used to get points across. My kids, some of whom are in college and the rest who are college bound, because they remind me why educating our young is so important for our future.

    Name and explain one thing that most people would be surprised to know about you?

    Just one? I like heavy metal music, the ’80 in general, and John Hughes movies. I have a love for history, gadgets, and pretty much anything that plugs in, lights up, makes noises, and moves.

    What is your favorite Tarleton tradition and why?

    I can’t say that I have been here long enough to truly appreciate all of the Tarleton traditions that make this such a rich university. One I have been lucky to be a part of in the College of Business is relatively new and occurs at the hooding ceremonies at graduation. Families of those graduating are asked to come up on stage and take part in the hooding of the candidate. It helps to involve and recognize those who have helped to support their students through the education process. It is inspiring to see a new set of students who have pushed their education beyond the undergraduate level.

    Dr. Joseph Schuessler
    Department of Computer Information Systems
    B.B.A. Strategic Management, University of North Texas
    M.B.A. Business Computer Information Systems, University of North Texas
    M.S. Information Technology, University of North Texas
    Ph.D. Business Computer Information Systems, University of North Texas

    Office: BUS 162
    Phone: 254-968-9893


  • Taylor White

    Taylor White

    Name: Taylor White
    Hometown: Stephenville, Texas
    Major: Accounting

    Tarleton Organizations in which you are involved:
    Tarleton's chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants, Delta Mu Delta, and Delta Epsilon Iota

    Being a native of Stephenville, Texas, I always pictured myself leaving town after high school graduation and getting a degree from a big college in a new place. My sights were set on a division one university and I spent one semester there before realizing that I belonged somewhere different. When deciding to give Tarleton State a try (at least temporarily) I was confused and unsure of my future. Attending Tarleton was something I never anticipated because I had already spent my whole life in this town, but I was surprised to find “TSU Stephenville” very diverse from the place where I grew up.

    After experimenting with a couple of differing majors, I was finally convinced by College of Business Administration (COBA) dean, Dr. Steve Steed, that accounting was my forte. This might sound strange - but I love accounting. I would have never discovered my knack for the subject had I not chosen to become a Tarleton Texan a few years ago. You simply do not receive the same personal attention and one-on-one time with your instructors anywhere else, as I have witnessed first-hand.

    COBA is full of instructors who truly care about me as an individual and my success in school and in life; a luxury denied many college students today. Because of the time, care, and effort my instructors have put into my education, I feel more than prepared to enter the business world.

    An incredible feature of my degree is the immense amount of options available upon graduation. It is mind blowing to search for internships and catch a glimpse of the doors opened to me because of my accounting degree. The opportunities are literally endless. I also look forward to continuing my education with Tarleton by entering a Master's program in the College of Business this coming fall.

    My classmates and I have learned from some of the best in the business and I am so thankful for this ride - the frustrating parts just as much as the joyful moments. Thanks for the surprising journey, TSU! Bleed purple - always.