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Prospective Students

First, thank you for considering the College of Business at Tarleton State University. We know that you have lots of choices when it comes to higher education but we feel that once you take a look at what we have to offer, that you will see what's so special about Tarleton. To begin with, we're a great value!

  Tarleton State University University of North Texas University of Texas at Arlington Texas Wesleyan University
Tuition & Fees $7,367  $11,169   $11,070 $33,025
On Campus Room & Board, Other Expenses $15,503  $13,333  $ 16,571 $13,861
Total $22,870  $24,502  $27,641  $46,886
Source: College Tuition Compare 2019-2020 Tuition, Fees, and Living Costs Analyses



Applying to universities can be time consuming and confusing. We are attempting to make that process more transparent and easier. 

Admissions Calendar

Computing Recommendations

The College of Business recommends students have access to a personal computer (PC) that meets the following specifications:

  Processor Intel i7
  Minimum RAM 16 gb
  Preferred RAM 32 gb
  HD Capacity 1 tb
  Minimum HD 7200 rpm
  Preferred HD SSD
  Video Nvidia or AMD

All standards require access to a web camera and microphone for remote video conferencing.

Transfer Students

We also want to be transfer friendly. Our biggest recruitment of students come from the Denton/Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. That region includes a number of community college networks that we work with to help students continue their education.

Are you currently attending one of the community colleges in the region? Want to know how your program aligns with our College of Business' programs? This is the place to do it. 

As a community college student, click on your current program (AA, AAS, or AS) and the desired degree in which you are interested (BAAS, BBA, or BS). This will bring up a list of pathways between all area community colleges and Tarleton State University College of Business' programs. Unfortunately, not all community college have input all of their data for all programs. This does not mean that you cannot complete your bachelor's here. It simply will require determining your pathway by hand. Please consult an academic adviser at your institution to complete this process.

Financial Aid

As indicated above, college is expensive. While we feel that we are a great value, there are still costs to cover. the Financial Aid department provides access to various types of grants, loans, scholarships, and even student employment.


While Financial Aid can help you navigate the waters of financing your education, scholarships help you to do so without the need to pay it back. The key to scholarships is to complete your FAFSA as early as you can.

Scholarship Calendar