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COB Undergraduate Programs

The College of Business (COB) is proud to offer multiple degree options from those that expose students to the broader business environment to specialized programs to those targeting non-traditional students. The choice in programs provides students the opportunity to explore the different functional areas of business and to identify where their passions lie!
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA): The B.B.A. degree is a broad business degree where students are exposed to the various function areas of business including accounting, computer information systems, finance, human resource management, management, and marketing. Students interested in pursuing a B.B.A. may do so in the following specializations:
  • Bachelor of Science (BS): The B.S. degree represents a specialized degree that goes into more depth within a specific discipline. The College of Business offers the following B.S. degrees:
  • Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS)): A degree completion degree, are ideal for non-traditional students who either have college credit hours that typically do not transfer or significant work experience/training that can count towards the degree. The College of Business Administration offers the following two B.A.A.S. degrees:
  • Texas Affordable Baccalaureate Program (TAB): The TAB program is intended to allow working students to receive their B.S.A.S quickly through the utilization of previously completed vocational coursework and/or training known as Occupational Specialization. The program is composed of Occupational Specialization credits paired with university core courses and upper level electives.