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Welcome to the College of Business

We mean business, and we have fun!

Our dynamic learning environment primes our diverse student population for global business careers:

  • Learner focused — challenging and supporting the personal and professional development of each student
  • Meaningful engagement — fostering interactions with dynamic business communities
  • Entrepreneurial mindset — developing innovative decision makers
  • Global perspective — developing a better understanding of the interconnected nature of global business
  • Ethically and socially responsible behavior — an essential ingredient for personal, professional and community relationship success. 

Our bachelor’s degrees include in accounting, computer information systems, economics, finance, general business, human resources management, international business, management and marketing.

At the graduate level, we propel careers through advanced studies in our master’s degree programs in accountancy, business administration, management, human resources management and information systems.

Let’s get down to business and develop your know-how for career success. Check out our programs!

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