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Computing Recommendations

The College of Business recommends students have access to a personal computer (PC) that meets the following specifications:

  Processor Intel i7
  Minimum RAM 16 gb
  Preferred RAM 32 gb
  HD Capacity 1 tb
  Minimum HD 7200 rpm
  Preferred HD SSD
  Video Nvidia or AMD

All standards require access to a web camera and microphone for remote video conferencing.

Student Resources

Welcome to the Student Resources page. Here, you should find access to various resources necessary to help you take advantage of all the Tarleton State University and the College of Business has to offer.

Academic Help



  • Career Services
  • Handshake
  • Internships
    • Keep in mind, there are two potential components to an internship: the experience from the job as well as academic credit. Work with Career Services on the job portion of that experience and the faculty member from your department that manages internships for academic credit.


Graduate School


Student Organizations

  • Student organizations are an important part of a students development. From the development of soft skills to learning how to work in a team environment, students involved with student organizations have greater opportunity to network with professionals in their field, refine their resume and develop and apply what they've learned in the classroom.


Tuition & Fee Estimator