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Departments and Programs

Department of Agricultural and Consumer Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Services and Development
    • Agricultural Science With Teacher Certification
    • Agricultural Communication
    • Agri-Industries and Agencies
    • Horticulture
  • Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness
    • Agribusiness Management
    • Agricultural Economics
    • Dairy Business Management
    • Personal/Business Financial Planning
  • Master of Science in Agricultural and Consumer Resources

Department of Animal Science & Veterinary Technology

  • Bachelor of Science in Animal Science
    • Science Concentration
    • Animal Production
    • Animal Industries
    • Pre-Veterinary Medicine
    • Range Management
    • Food and Meat Science
  • Bachelor of Applied Science in Veterinarian Technology
  • Master of Science in Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences

Department of Wildlife, Sustainability, and Ecosystem Sciences