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Printing Policy for Student Workers

What is the difference between an UID# and SW_ account?

All students are provided an UID account for personal use while enrolled as a student at Tarleton. In addition, most student employees have been provided SW_ accounts to be used for business purposes while employed by Tarleton. The SW_ account is beneficial because it provides distinct permissions and privileges associated with the student's employment. 

Which logins are charged for printing in the labs and library?

Only UID accounts are charged for printing in the labs and library. SW_ accounts, staff accounts and faculty accounts will not be charged for printing.

If my student worker prints on an office printer, will he/she be charged for printing?

No, the printers in your office area are not subject to printing charges. Please remind your student employees that office printers are for business purposes only.

Are student workers charged for printing when performing work related printing in the labs or library?

No. It is expected that under normal circumstances, work related printing by student employees will be completed on departmental printers in your work area. These office printers are not set up to charge for printing. However, if you have a work assignment for your student employee that requires printing in a lab or library where printing charges are in effect, you should instruct the student to log on to the lab or library computer using the SW_ account. This will allow the student employee to perform the work assignment without incurring any personal expense. 

Are student employees expected to pay for their personal printing in the labs and library?

Yes. Student employees must pay for personal printing. The UID login must be used for personal printing in the labs and library. 

What if my student worker accidentally logs on to a lab or library machine with the SW_ account?

For all print jobs, a popup window presents information on how much the print job will cost. If a student employee accidentally logs on to a lab or library machine using his/her SW_ account, the print job popup window will display a $0.00 cost. This should be a clear indication that the incorrect login was used. The student should log off the SW_ account and then log back on using the ST_ account to correct the issue.

Are lab and library personnel monitoring the printing usage associate with SW_ accounts?

Yes, lab and library personnel are required to monitor usage for cost recovery purposes. This monitoring will reveal any SW_ printing that has occurred in the labs or library, but this is expected to be very rare to non-existent. If you have work related printing that requires a student employee to use the SW_ account in the labs or library, please provide details to either Jason Smith (for labs) or Tracy Holtman (for library).