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Computer Information Systems Internship Information

Student Application Form | Employer Verification Form | Employer Evaluation Form | Reporting Requirements


  1. You must be a CIS undergraduate major or an MSIS graduate major fully admitted to the program
  2. You must be in good academic standing, with GPA minimum of 2.75 for undergraduate students and 3.5 for graduate students.
  3. Undergraduate must be in their junior year and completed at least one-half of your CIS required courses.
  4. Graduate students must have completed at least 3 of the required MSIS courses.
  5. You MUST get approval for the internship before it begins and you must have a degree plan on file.
  6. International students are eligible for internships subject to US Immigration rules, Tarleton International Program policies, and the cooperation of the prospective employer. Internship which carries academic credit allows special exceptions to some rules. Contact the International Program Director’s office for details.

Qualifying Internships

  1. The internship provides relevant, in-depth, on-the-job learning opportunity related to, and at the level of, your degree. The credit is not just for working, it is for quality learning beyond the classroom.
  2. The work must be within an “IS/IT organization” where there is at least one employed full-time experienced professional doing IS/IT work for the organization. An “IS/IT organization” could be a support function or department of a larger organization.
  3. The sponsoring organization must assign at least one internal IS/IT professional to mentor and supervise your work.
  4. For internship enrollment, you MAY NOT work as an un-mentored or freelance IT/IS worker.
  5. The minimum length of an internship is no less than ten (10) weeks. Even, for example, if enrollment is in one 5-week summer session the work and reporting must span the entire summer. 
  6. Long-semester Fall and Spring) internships are expected to run the entire semester.
  7. No less than 250 hours of work on the approved job must be completed in the internship semester. Under certain special circumstances, a student can request in advance to extend the internship period into the next academic semester to be able to accumulate the required work hours. The grade of “Incomplete” will be issued (if the intern is making satisfactory progress) until all requirements are met.
  8. The internship does not have to be a full-time position nor does it have to be a paid position. If it is a non-paying position, most companies will need to have you set up on some kind of contractual relationship and pay to “get you on the books.” You should be treated and feel as though you are a regular employee, with all the pertinent responsibilities. 

Employer Obligations

  1. The employer should make a good faith effort to provide you with relevant work experience in sufficient quantity to satisfy the time and quality requirements.
  2. As previously stated, the employer must provide you with professional IT/IS supervision and mentoring.
  3. As part of the approval process, the employer must timely complete and submit the required application form.
  4. As part of the completion process, the job supervisor must timely complete and return your performance evaluation at the end of the internship semester before your grade can be issued.

How Do I Sign Up For an Internship?

  1. Enrollment is by permission only. Get your academic advisor’s approval to do an internship (advisor may or may not need to know the specific company and job).
  2. Satisfy all the approval criteria stated here.
  3. Find an internship job opportunity and work out a tentative agreement with the employer. The internship coordinator may know of opportunities but is not responsible for finding you a position.
  4. Get Internship Coordinator’s tentative approval.
  5. Submit the “student application” online form
  6. Have the employer submit the “employer application” to verify your information.
  7. Only after both applications are received by the Internship Coordinator, can you receive an official notification of approval. Notification is normally by email to the address listed in your application.
  8. When you receive the approval notice, contact the CIS Department secretary for your enrollment override code. Complete your enrollment normally. 

Your Responsibilities as an Intern

  1. Satisfy all periodic progress reporting requirements as stated in the Internship Guidelines (Reporting Requirements)
  2. Communicate with the Internship Coordinator (1) prior to, (2) within the first week of the semester, (3) during the semester, and (4) near the end of the internship semester, in addition to all other required reporting. It is your responsibility to get timely feedback to make sure everything is on track on the academic side; your grade depends on it!
  3. Help coordinate any on-site visits that may be requested by the coordinator. 
  4. Complete the Final Summary Report paper and submit during the Final Exam week for that semester.
  5. Make sure that your supervisor submits your performance evaluation to the Internship Coordinator in a timely manner.
  6. Make certain that the Internship Coordinator has all of your materials prior to the grade submission deadline for the semester.

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