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Center for Instructional Innovation

What We Do

The Center fosters the University's Culture of Teaching Excellence by supporting faculty and students in their use of innovative instructional tools for teaching and learning. CII staff draw upon expertise in both instructional technology and in a wide variety of teaching strategies to support instructors with the implementation of tools for their instructional needs, assist students in using these tools, share information across the university about effective practices, and examine the effect of technology on teaching and learning.


Instructional Design and Training

The CII’s division for Instructional Design & Training promotes and facilitates teaching excellence. The division serves and supports the needs of faculty by offering a full program of regular workshops, consultations, & instructional tool trainings to enhance and inform on topics related to teaching and professional development. Check out our website for specific program dates and times.

Faculty Innovation & Training (Doug Hanna, Manager, 254-968-9307 or